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//Customise keybinds at the bottom of the config file
//Press [default: X] to spawn a chicken at your crosshair and make it glow so you can see it through walls.
//Press [default: Z] to kill all chickens on the map. (you monster)
//Press [default: C] to toggle the glow on the chickens.
//Known bugs:
//If you get too far away from a chicken you've turned the glow off on, it will *not*
//show up through walls until you get close to it. Then it will be show up from any distance.
//If you spawn a chicken directly into a wall, it will get stuck sometimes, and won't even glow.
//Just kill all the chickens and start again, or you could just shoot it.
alias spawnChicken "ent_create chicken; ent_setname chk; ent_fire chk setanimationnoreset flap"
alias killChicken "ent_fire chk break; ent_fire chicken kill"
alias toggleGlow toggleGlowOn
alias toggleGlowOn "ent_fire chk setglowenabled; alias toggleGlow toggleGlowOff"
alias toggleGlowOff "ent_fire chk setglowdisabled; alias toggleGlow toggleGlowOn"
//default keybinds here, change if you need
bind z "killChicken; say Killing all chickens"
bind x "spawnChicken; say Spawning a chicken"
bind c "toggleGlow; say Toggling glow effect"
alias echohelp "echo "-----"; echo "Press [default: X] to spawn a chicken at your crosshair."; echo "Press [default: Z] to kill all chickens on the map. (you monster)"; echo "Press [default: C] to toggle the glow on the chickens."; echo "Type > echohelp < for this message again."; echo "-----"; echo "";"
echo "-----"
echo "-SmokeChickens.cfg loaded"
echo ""
//stupid stuff
alias sillynone "ent_fire chk setbodygroup 0; say Boring chickens; alias silly sillyhat"
alias sillyhat "ent_fire chk setbodygroup 1; say Party chickens; alias silly sillyghost"
alias sillyghost "ent_fire chk setbodygroup 2; say Spooky chickens; alias silly sillysweater"
alias sillysweater "ent_fire chk setbodygroup 3; say Festive chickens; alias silly sillynone"
alias silly sillyhat
bind f4 silly
say "SmokeChickens.cfg loaded, type 'echohelp' in console for commands, press F4 for stupid stuff."
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