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Forked from puffnfresh/F.d.ts
Created Jan 19, 2017
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declare namespace F {
class Either<A, B> {
private constructor();
// Hack to make A and B covariant.
private a: A;
private b: B;
static Left<A, B>(a: A): Either<A, B>;
static Right<A, B>(b: B): Either<A, B>;
static either<A, B, C>(f: (a: A) => C, g: (b: B) => C, e: Either<A, B>): C;
static of<A, B>(b: B): Either<A, B>;
static isLeft<A, B>(e: Either<A, B>): boolean;
static isRight<A, B>(e: Either<A, B>): boolean;
map<C>(f: (b: B) => C): Either<A, C>;
chain<C>(f: (b: B) => Either<A, C>): Either<A, C>;
bimap<C, D>(f: (a: A) => C, g: (b: B) => D): Either<C, D>;
equals(e: Either<A, B>): boolean;
declare module 'ramda-fantasy' {
export = F;
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