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Frequency Table
/*This code is an example of how to generate a table with
Variable Name, Variable Value, Frequency, Percent, Cumulative Freq and Cum Pct
No macro's are required
Use Proc Freq to generate the list, list variables in a table statement if only specific variables are desired
Use ODS Table to capture the output and then format the output into a printable table.
*Run frequency for tables;
ods table onewayfreqs=temp;
proc freq data=sashelp.class;
table sex age;
*Format output;
data want;
length variable $32. variable_value $50.;
set temp;
Variable=scan(table, 2);
keep variable variable_value frequency percent cum:;
label variable='Variable'
variable_value='Variable Value';
proc print data=want(obs=20) label;
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