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Adrien Fabre statox

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statox / SetVisualBlock.vim
Created May 23, 2019
A vimscript function to set a visual block selection
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" Inspired by @ Christian Brabandt on this question
function! SetVisualBlock(start, end)
" Trigger visual block mode
execute "norm! \<C-v>\<Esc>"
" Set the marks
call setpos("'<", [ 0, a:start[0], a:start[1] ])
call setpos("'>", [ 0, a:end[0], a:end[1] ])
statox / actionlist.vim
Created Nov 6, 2018 — forked from zchee/actionlist.vim
IdeaVim actionlist
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--- Actions ---
$Copy <M-C>
$Cut <M-X> <S-Del>
$Delete <Del> <BS> <M-BS>
$Paste <M-V>
$Redo <M-S-Z> <A-S-BS>
$SearchWeb <A-S-G>
$SelectAll <M-A>
$Undo <M-Z>
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" This is a test answer for
" <C-a>
nnoremap <Leader>a :call CoherentIncrement(1)<CR>
" <C-x>
nnoremap <Leader>b :call CoherentIncrement(0)<CR>
function! CoherentIncrement(inc)
let save_cursor = getcurpos()
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function! MakeNewLine()
if getline(line('.')) =~# "^\s*>.*$"
normal! o>
normal! o
inoremap <cr> <C-o>:call MakeNewLine()<cr>
statox /
Last active Apr 9, 2017
Install multimedia system
## Install seedbox system for several users with
## Transmission
## Sonarr
## Headphones
## Debian 8
# References:
# SHIPYARD (docker management) -
statox / pinFold.vim
Last active Nov 23, 2016
Playing with vim folds
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augroup pythonFold
autocmd BufReadPre *.py setlocal foldmethod=indent
autocmd CursorMovedI *.py call PinFold()
autocmd CursorMoved *.py call PinFold()
augroup END
function! PinFold()
" save current position
let saveCursor = getcurpos()
# Get a wallpaper randomly from different subreddits
# Works with Gnome3
# Put it in a crontab
# List of the subbreddit to use (if the variable is empty
# r/Wallpaper will be used
SUBS=( Wallpaper WQHD_Wallpaper WidescreenWallpaper wallpaperdump )
# Directory containing the background
statox /
Last active Sep 15, 2015 — forked from ryin/
bash script for installing tmux without root access
# Script for installing tmux on systems where you don't have root access.
# tmux will be installed in $HOME/local/bin.
# It's assumed that wget and a C/C++ compiler are installed.
# exit on error
set -e
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Your problem with Vim is that you don't grok vi.

Answer by Jim Dennis on Stack Overflow question: what is your most productive shortcut?

You mention cutting with yy and complain that you almost never want to cut whole lines. In fact programmers, editing source code, very often want to work on whole lines, ranges of lines and blocks of code. However, yy is only one of many way to yank text into the anonymous copy buffer (or "register" as it's called in vi).

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tmux shortcuts & cheatsheet

start new:


start new with session name:

tmux new -s myname
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