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Last active Feb 12, 2020
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Apple needs an aspirin or a therapist because their products have unresolved issues right now

What Apple could do better

There's a million things Apple gets right. This document isn't about them.


  1. Each of the OSes should be 95% open source.

  2. Schematics, parts and repair tools should be available.

  3. Products should be designed for longevity, user-upgradability, long-term software support and repairability, not planned-obsolence.

  4. There should be an Apple diagramming, flowchart and mind-mapping app.

  5. There should be a non-local Airdrop too.

macOS only


  1. It should be possible to buy a license for macOS for non-Apple PC's that includes a number of drivers to make it work.

  2. Dropping support for 32-bit apps was a terrible idea.


  1. The user should have control over indexing and it should stop on battery.

Time Machine

  1. Did 10.15.3 break it?

iPadOS only

  1. Split screen keyboard input focus isn't handled sanely.

  2. Split screen Mobile Safari doesn't scroll sanely horizontally when typing in a text box.

  3. There sould be a Phone and Calculator app on iPadOS too.

  4. Copy & paste doesn't always work; it sometimes selects text without those range moving dot affordances.

iPadOS and iOS


  1. Text input from the soft or a real keyboard will periodically stop responding entirely for random seconds.

  2. Auto-layout must not be fully compatible with rotation because apps often calculate their bounds incorrectly and get squished, flattened or offset to one side..

  3. Bluetooth keyboards will lose make or break codes and go into repeating the last key pressed when it is not or get a modifier key stuck.

  4. Apps will randomly exit in the background, losing their place and/or data.

  5. I keep getting the same notification about a weather app using position information in the background, and I already told it to Always Allow, but it never takes.

  6. Preventing people from installing older iOS versions is wrong.

  7. Other apps should be allowed to have app icons that animate besides the clock.

  8. It should be possible to turn off WiFi completely from Control Center.

  9. It should be possible to turn off Bluetooth completely from Control Center.

App updates

  1. Moving app updates to the profile menu of the IAS was a terrible idea.

  2. App updates never happen automatically.

  3. App updates often fail because the appear to use too much space concurrently when they would work if they used a constraint solver to first find how to use space avaialble better.

System updates

  1. Not being able to do every update OTA on an unlimited data plan is dumb.

  2. Stop nagging me about doing updates when I say so.

WiFi calling

  1. Doesn't work. Even with a fast connection, people still say they can't hear me. Turning off WiFi has been the work-around.

Notes app

  1. Crashes randomly while adding text.

  2. Randomly shrinks the font size of some text in a table.

  3. Randomly prevents sensible cell navigation using an external keyboard after deleting some data in other cells.

  4. Tables should have resizable columns.

  5. Full text search is broken if a note hasn't been access in a long time.

  6. It should be possible to make To Do lists in a note with tick boxes.


  1. Should be resizable and configurable with up to two rows

  2. App icon size should be able to be a wider range of sizes.

  3. Should be able to be placed top, bottom, right or left.

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