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Last active Feb 14, 2020
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Youtube subscriptions sampler
  • Automotive - Scotty Kilmer, Engineering Explained, Garage 54
  • Aviation - blancolirio (777 FO), MentourPilot (737 instructor), Captain Joe (737 pilot), AgentJayZ (industrial turbine repair), C.W. Lemoine (commercial/fighter pilot), AVweb, FlightChops, VASAviation, Tucker Gott (paramotor)
  • Botany - Crime Pays But Botany Doesn't*
  • Cooking - A French Guy Cooking (insanely dedicated)
  • Comedy - The Onion, Team Coco (Conan O'Brien),
  • Electronics - EEVblog, ElectroBOOM, Bigclivedotcom, iFixit, Louis Rossmann*
  • Farming - Milennial Farmer, Urban Farmer Curtis Stone
  • Family-friendly - K'eyush The Stunt Dog, Sherpa, PetraGrey, Caught in Providence
  • Glassmaking - Timia Glass
  • Legal - Steve Lehto (Lemon law & variety short), LegalEagle (short videos), Leonard French (copyright & legal deep-dives)
  • History - Today I Found Out, The History Guy, Ushanka Show (life in the Soviet Union), Mark Felton Productions
  • Lockpicking - LockPickingLawyer, BosnianBill
  • Machining - AvE*, abom79, mrpete222
  • Making - colinfurze, Adam Savage, JoergSprave, Project Farm
  • PC Mods - bit-tech, JayzTwoCents
  • Science - Thunderf00t, PBS SpaceTime, CodysLab, potholer54, SciShow, Paul Beckwith (climate science)
  • "Science" - The Hydraulic Press Channel, Beyond the Press, The Slo Mo Channel
  • Self-defense & policing - ASP, Mike the Cop, Real World Police, iv8888, DemoRanch, OffTheRanch, hickok45, taofledermaus
  • Startups / small business entrepreneur - Gary V, UpFlip, Stanford Graduate School of Business, startupschool, ycombinator
  • Trades - HVACR VIDEOS, Isaac Ostrom (tub & shower), Kenny Sanchez (arborist), Jordan Smith (welding)
  • Politics - the don't go there channel ;-)

* Not family-friendly


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@steakknife steakknife commented Feb 14, 2020

Improvement: direct Youtube channel links

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