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[LosFuzzys] November recap & next meeting

Hi everyone interested in exciting information security competitions,

welcome to the LosFuzzys 'Newsletter'.


LosFuzzys ist a CTF team located in Graz, Europe. We are a group of people interested in information security, which occasionally participates in information security competitions, called Capture The Flag (CTF).

November Recap

November was a rather awesome & successful month for LosFuzzys, our CTF team. We participated in two CTFs and we did well:

  • -> RuCTFe: place 22 out of 140 active teams
  • -> 9447ctf: place 24 out of 595 active teams

to recap on these two CTFs (and to celebrate a bit?) we plan to organize a meeting next week. This meeting will be used to review solved challenges, present some writeups and to reflect on our strengths and weaknesses.

Also a good starting point for those new to CTF!

If you want to participate, please fill out this dudle: -->


Furthermore, FaustCTF, another offence&defence CTF, is happening on the 18th of December (Friday before the Christmas break) and we are going to participate!

For that we scheduled two events:

  • Thu 2015-12-17, 17:00 to 20:00, FaustCTF preparation meeting (+ $tool workshop?)
  • Fri 2015-12-18, 10:00 to 24:00, FaustCTF (FaustCTF itself will start at 17:00)

Both will happen in the IAIK seminar-room (so not the meeting-room).

IMPORTANT: All our meetings are open to everyone, so if you are not part of LosFuzzys, feel free to come anyway. And if you know some people interested in what we do, please invite them. :-)

Cheers, stefan & mike

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