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pgbouncer datadog agent check
from checks import AgentCheck, CheckException
class pgBouncer(AgentCheck):
"""Collects pgbouncer statistics
RATE = AgentCheck.rate
GAUGE = AgentCheck.gauge
def __init__(self, name, init_config, agentConfig):
AgentCheck.__init__(self, name, init_config, agentConfig)
self.connection = None
self.pools = []
self.versions = {}
def _collect_pool_stats(self, db, pools, tags):
query = "SHOW POOLS";
_pool_fields = ['database','user','cl_active','cl_waiting','sv_active','sv_idle','sv_used','sv_tested','sv_login','maxwait']
cursor = db.cursor()
for row in [dict(zip(_pool_fields, row)) for row in cursor.fetchall()]:
if row['database'] not in pools:
# using gauge here because 0 does not elicit a rate() call!
metric_tags = tags + ["pbouncer_pool:{}".format(row['database'])]
self.gauge('pgbouncer.cl_active', row['cl_active'], tags=metric_tags)
self.gauge('pgbouncer.cl_waiting', row['cl_waiting'], tags=metric_tags)
self.gauge('pgbouncer.maxwait', row['maxwait'], tags=metric_tags)
self.gauge('pgbouncer.sv_active', row['sv_active'], tags=metric_tags)
def get_connection(self, host, port, user, password):
"Get and memoize connection to pgbouncer"
if self.connection is not None:
return self.connection
dbname = "pgbouncer"
if host != "" and user != "":
import psycopg2 as pg
except ImportError:
raise ImportError("psycopg2 library cannot be imported. Please check the installation instruction on the Datadog Website.")
if port != '':
connection = pg.connect(host=host, port=port, user=user, password=password, database=dbname)
connection = pg.connect(host=host, user=user, password=password, database=dbname)
connection.autocommit = True # pgbouncer special db does not
if not host:
raise CheckException("Please specify a pgbouncer host to connect to.")
elif not user:
raise CheckException("Please specify a user to connect to Postgres as.")
self.connection = connection
return connection
def check(self, instance):
host = instance.get('host', '')
port = instance.get('port', '')
user = instance.get('username', '')
password = instance.get('password', '')
pools = instance.get('pools', [])
tags = instance.get('tags', [])
db = self.get_connection(host, port, user, password)
# Clean up tags in case there was a None entry in the instance
# e.g. if the yaml contains tags: but no actual tags
if tags is None:
tags = []
# Collect metrics
self._collect_pool_stats(db, pools, tags)
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