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Berlin Drupal Meetup - Beste Tipps

Beste Tipps!

Interessant ist, was die Arbeit von Unsinn befreit.

Die Aufgabe Welche Tipps, Tricks, Tools gestaltet eure Arbeit angenehmer, flüssiger und effektiver gestalten können? Lasst uns alles beseitigen was nervt.

Zu den Tipps:

zsh is the z shell. Use it with oh-my-zsh (plugins! colors!) Usage examples:

  • .... changes into ../../..
  • cd - changes into the directory where you were before
  • cd a/t/c changes into all/the/code
  • please = sudo
  • git chec<tab> - autocompletes your git command
  • git co <tab> - autocomplete / browse through your commits and branches
  • Read all the zsh examples!

z - Spend a lot of time cd-ing around a complex directory tree? z keeps track of where you’ve been, and how much time you spend there. Lets you cd into your most frequent+recent directories.

The fish shell is another fancy shell in vga color.

iTerm für MacOS

tmux is a terminal multiplexer and can handle many terminals.

tig is a command line git history browser.

git grep finds text occurrence in your project much faster than grep.

Drupal Theme Helper is a Chrome extension. Enable twig debugging in drupal and get template file name suggestions.

twig_xdebug - Debug like php code. Allows you to set breakpoints in your twig template file.

For PHP Storm there is the Symphony extension and the Symphony Drupal Bridge (pre-configures twig namespaces).

xdebug toggle switches your xdebug extension on and off. Useful because xdebug makes your php slow.

Why should I use drupal console? It's mostly helpful for scaffolding code and for debugging (what is the route for a given page?)

zeal (Linux) und dash (Mac) (im Web-App) für Offline-Dokumentationen (Drupal API, PHP, HTML, JS, Ansible, ...)

Typora as a markdown and note taking app for Linux

FiraCode is a monospaced font with programming ligatures.

mtr (my trace route) monitors the connection to a given host continiously. Just like traceroute and ping combined.

Alfred for Mac - is a universal launcher and can automate a lot of click and type.

jitsi is an open-source voice/video/chat webapp. Works well with two people. Has problems with > 3 participants.


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redgluten commented Feb 3, 2017

Symfony nicht Symphony. ;)

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