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require 'java'
require 'rbconfig'
import org.concord.modeler.event.PageListener
import org.concord.modeler.event.PageEvent
import org.concord.modeler.event.ModelListener
import org.concord.modeler.event.ModelEvent
# import java.lang.Class
import java.lang.System
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<OTUDLCompoundDoc id="c05510a7-5367-11dd-bf21-11a44a6b030d"
name="%c05510a7-5367-11dd-bf21-11a44a6b030d" showDefinitions="false">
style="padding-left: 10px; padding-right: 10px; padding-top: 10px; padding-bottom: 10px">
Isabel is rollerblading around town. Run 3 trials to figure out her
<br />
<li>Press the START button to begin the trial.</li>
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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
Dir.glob('*/.svn').collect {|f| File.dirname(f)}.each {|f| puts f; Dir.chdir(f) { puts `svn up` }}
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Set's the title of the OTViewer window frame.
Hides a JTree navigation component that appears on theleft.
View jvm_crash_from_nbv7
Date/Time: 2009-01-01 19:42:36 -0500
OS Version: 10.5.6 (Build 9G55)
Architecture: i386
Report Version: 4
Command: J2SE 5.0
Path: /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.5/Home/bin/java
Version: 12.2.0 (12.2.0)
Parent: bash [33997]
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Hi Brent,
Here's a special intro to git for you (and anybody else on ruby-core
interested in your patches).
I'm not writing any kind of complete introduction -- I'm writing just enough
so you can do several things which should be interesting to you. I'm definitely
NOT presenting enough info so you can't easily mess things up.
The idea is to quickly get to some use of git that provides real value ... so
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I'm trying to figure out how to modify a gem that uses a jar to instead use the Java class files directly. It's an experiment to then try and add it to jruby-complete and see if it works.
I'm working on the redcloth gem here:
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// line 1 "ext/redcloth_scan/"
* Copyright (C) 2008 Jason Garber
import org.jruby.Ruby;
import org.jruby.RubyArray;
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Working with git from Eclipse
(using my fork of ardor3dv1 as an example.
Add the eclipse git plugin update site:
I'm using the Tentative Build sub-update site -- it has the latest builds.
Gou need to use git from the command line to initially clone the project:
View gist:56796
r8959 in JRuby fixed a bug Array.pack that caused a hard crash running the tests for prawn
Now trunk jruby only reports one error:
181 tests, 288 assertions, 0 failures, 1 errors
I think it is probably still a bug in jruby -- if I can make a simple test that reproduces the problem it will be easier to fix.
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