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Created January 7, 2023 17:54
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"source_name":"Australian Government - Department of the Environment and Energy",
"source_dataset":"Collaborative Australian Protected Areas Database (CAPAD) 2016",
"license_text":"License: CC - Attribution (CC BY). License: This dataset is available under the CC-BY data licencing model and users are required to acknowledge the Australian Government, Department of the Environment and Energy as the source of the data in any of their uses. When citing the data please use ‘Collaborative Australian Protected Areas Database (CAPAD) 2016, Commonwealth of Australia 2017’.",
"note":"Direct import of source data, slight modifications to attributes. No modification to geometries. Includes terrestrial and marine data layers. Archived data download link not available.",
"description":"The Collaborative Australian Protected Areas Database (CAPAD) 2016 provides both spatial and textual information about government, Indigenous and privately protected areas for Australia, in both the marine and terrestrial environments. This dataset is for terrestrial data only. CAPAD provides a snapshot of protected areas that meet the IUCN definition of a protected area: 'A protected area is an area of land and/or sea especially dedicated to the protection and maintenance of biological diversity, and of natural and associated cultural resources, and managed through legal or other effective means' (IUCN 1994)."
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