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Steve J Donovan stevedonovan

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stevedonovan / StringAccessor.lua
Created Dec 20, 2010
A Lua class for accessing individual characters in a string
View StringAccessor.lua
--[[ Example:
sa = StringAccessor 'hello'
for c in sa:iter() do
stevedonovan / safe_array.lua
Created Dec 30, 2010
This defines an array with strict bounds checking. It is also impossible to set any existing index to a nil value, so the array remains free of holes. The table functions will not work on such arrays because they are userdata, giving an extra layer of pro
View safe_array.lua
local function out_of_range(i,n)
if type(i) == 'number' then
if i > 0 and i <= n then return true
else error('out of range',3)
error 'cannot index array by non-number type'
stevedonovan / lua_prompt.lua
Created Mar 28, 2011
An interactive Lua prompt for the Textadept editor
View lua_prompt.lua
-- makes interactive prompt dodgy.
-- (In an ideal world, should be able to switch this off only for
-- the message buffer)
_m.textadept.editing.AUTOPAIR = false
-- useful function which can safely handle argument lists containing nil;
-- the resulting table has n set to the real length.
local function pack (...)
local args = {...}
args.n = select('#',...)
stevedonovan / prettify.lua
Created Aug 11, 2011
Script to convert Markdown source with code blocks into syntax-highlighted HTML.
View prettify.lua
-- translate Markdown with code blocks into HTML
-- with syntax highlighting.
-- If was the source, Lua was the language and we
-- wanted a preview:
-- lua prettify.lua article lua preview
-- Without the last argument it will just write out the HTML body.
-- Languages supported are 'lua', 'cpp', 'java' and 'go
-- Indented code blocks may begin with an explicit @lang name line;
-- if you do this then mark every code block explicitly
-- e.g
stevedonovan / css.lua
Created Aug 30, 2011
A little Lua DSL for generating CSS
View css.lua
A Lua module that defines a little DSL for generating CSS
-- csstest.lua
require 'css'
width = 500
lmargin = 50
leftm = 150
gap = 10
stevedonovan / html.lua
Created Sep 5, 2011
Orbit-style Htmlification using LuaExpatUtils
View html.lua
Example usage:
-- test2.lua
require 'html'
html {
body { title 'Test' },
h2 'title',
p 'first para',
stevedonovan / loader.lua
Created Oct 19, 2011
A Custom Lua module loader for Lua 5.2
View loader.lua
-- This allows a more restricted module() style; the key feature
-- is that each module is loaded in a custom environment, and the actual module
-- table is a copy of that environment after initial load.
-- clone _G so that globals from the program don't invade the module
local lua_libs = {}
for k,v in pairs(package.loaded._G) do
lua_libs[k] = v
stevedonovan / csvdta.go
Created Dec 2, 2011
A Go package which reads structure data from CSV data using reflection
View csvdta.go
package csvdata
// csvdata complements the csv package by allowing you to map a custom structure to
// the columns of data in a CSV file. The struct needs to be annotated so that each
// field can match a column in the data
// type Person struct {
// FirstName string `field:"First Name"`
// Second_Name string
// Age int
// }
stevedonovan / list.moon
Created Dec 15, 2011
An example of a MoonScript class
View list.moon
import insert,concat,remove from table
class List
new: (t) =>
@ls = t or {}
add: (item) =>
insert @ls,item
stevedonovan / ml.lua
Created Feb 15, 2012
Microlight - a really compact set of general Lua functions
View ml.lua
-- Microlight - a very compact Lua utilities module
-- Steve Donovan, 2012; License MIT
-- @module ml
local ml = {}
--- String utilties.
-- @section string
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