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WordPress Multisite - WordCamp Columbus 2012

WordPress Multisite

July 15, 2012

Instructor: Angie Meeker (@angiemeeker)


Angie's Multisite-mentor: @angela_r

Multisite = one instance of WordPress running multiple sites with one database. Can share users, plugins, and themes across sites. Gives network admins the ability to manage multiple sites from a single dashboard. Best example:

If you don't need to share users across sites, Multisite might not be the best choice.


  • Best Buy - individual store locations have their own sites
  • BGSU Blogs - Individual blogs for students, orgs, etc. (Go Falcons!)
  • YourCrimeSite - Share some content across the sites

Child sites will have either subdomains ( or folders (

You'll need to make changes to your Htaccess and wp-config.php file to convert a site to multisite

"Multisite is like your wife. She's already in your bed, you just need to turn her on" - @angiemeeker

WordPress Multisite setup instructions from the WordPress codex

Users can have access to 0+ sites - if they have 0 sites, they're treated as a subscriber to the parent site; upon login, they'll be taken to the user edit screen.


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