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Created Sep 16, 2021
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DevCamper Backend API Specifications

Create the backend for a bootcamp directory website. The frontend/UI will be created by another team (future course). The html/css template has been created and can be used as a reference for functionality. All of the functionality below needs to be fully implmented in this project.


  • List all bootcamps in the database
    • Pagination
    • Select specific fields in result
    • Limit number of results
    • Filter by fields
  • Search bootcamps by radius from zipcode
    • Use a geocoder to get exact location and coords from a single address field
  • Get single bootcamp
  • Create new bootcamp
    • Authenticated users only
    • Must have the role "publisher" or "admin"
    • Only one bootcamp per publisher (admins can create more)
    • Field validation via Mongoose
  • Upload a photo for bootcamp
    • Owner only
    • Photo will be uploaded to local filesystem
  • Update bootcamps
    • Owner only
    • Validation on update
  • Delete Bootcamp
    • Owner only
  • Calculate the average cost of all courses for a bootcamp
  • Calculate the average rating from the reviews for a bootcamp


  • List all courses for bootcamp
  • List all courses in general
    • Pagination, filtering, etc
  • Get single course
  • Create new course
    • Authenticated users only
    • Must have the role "publisher" or "admin"
    • Only the owner or an admin can create a course for a bootcamp
    • Publishers can create multiple courses
  • Update course
    • Owner only
  • Delete course
    • Owner only


  • List all reviews for a bootcamp
  • List all reviews in general
    • Pagination, filtering, etc
  • Get a single review
  • Create a review
    • Authenticated users only
    • Must have the role "user" or "admin" (no publishers)
  • Update review
    • Owner only
  • Delete review
    • Owner only

Users & Authentication

  • Authentication will be ton using JWT/cookies
    • JWT and cookie should expire in 30 days
  • User registration
    • Register as a "user" or "publisher"
    • Once registered, a token will be sent along with a cookie (token = xxx)
    • Passwords must be hashed
  • User login
    • User can login with email and password
    • Plain text password will compare with stored hashed password
    • Once logged in, a token will be sent along with a cookie (token = xxx)
  • User logout
    • Cookie will be sent to set token = none
  • Get user
    • Route to get the currently logged in user (via token)
  • Password reset (lost password)
    • User can request to reset password
    • A hashed token will be emailed to the users registered email address
    • A put request can be made to the generated url to reset password
    • The token will expire after 10 minutes
  • Update user info
    • Authenticated user only
    • Separate route to update password
  • User CRUD
    • Admin only
  • Users can only be made admin by updating the database field manually


  • Encrypt passwords and reset tokens
  • Prevent cross site scripting - XSS
  • Prevent NoSQL injections
  • Add a rate limit for requests of 100 requests per 10 minutes
  • Protect against http param polution
  • Add headers for security (helmet)
  • Use cors to make API public (for now)
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