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require_once "./phpcassa/columnfamily.php";
// Create new ConnectionPool like you normally would
$pool = new ConnectionPool("KeyspaceName", array(""));
// Retrieve a raw connection from the ConnectionPool
$raw = $pool->get();
$rows = $raw->client->execute_cql_query("SELECT * FROM ColumnFamily WHERE KEY = 1", cassandra_Compression::NONE);
// Return the connection to the pool so it may be used by other callers. Otherwise,
// the connection will be unavailable for use.

How do I get counter column value using execute_cql_query? Since the value is by default stored as hex, result set couldn't recognize the value. I'm getting some weird symbols in the values column. Ex: ["value"]=> string(8) "�" (There is a value between the quotes, Copy paste in some editor) It looks like Hex Representation of 14, but I dunno what encoding it is.


stevencorona commented Oct 10, 2011

I'm not sure if counters are supported with CQL yet. Either way, you might have to use unpack('H*', $return) to convert from hex.

That worked :) Thank you :)
I found one more solution for the same coz I dint know "unpack"

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