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Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am stevenzeiler on github.
  • I am stevenzeiler ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is B6BE FE62 7203 02AA 602D EE47 F5BD CFF8 D80B 88FF

To claim this, I am signing this object:

View ansible.yml
- name: Deploy new site release
user: deployer
hosts: all
- name: Fetch repo updates
git: >

Codius Standard Orchestration Interface

Instance State Machine

pending | running | shutting-down | terminated | stopping | stopped

Start Running a Container

POST /instances

Gatewayd Protocol Outbound External

Purpose: To discover the interface for Gateway Services Protocol to be extended per a given use case

In gatewaydfile.js:

module.exports = function(gatewayd) {

View bridge_services_lib.js
var Service = require('bridge-quote-service')
var RipplePaymentQuote = Service.RipplePaymentQuote
var ExternalPaymentQuote = Service.ExternalPaymentQuote
var BridgeQuote = Service.BridgeQuote
var RippleQuote = RipplePaymentQuote.extend({
authorize: function(payment) {
if (payment.to_currency !== 'XRP') {
this.reject('Destination Currency Must be XRP')
View promise_while.js
var Promise = require("bluebird");
Promise.while = function(condition, action) {
var resolver = Promise.defer();
var loop = function() {
if (!condition()) return resolver.resolve();
return Promise.cast(action())
View restify_sequelize.js
function RestifyController(model, name) {
this.model = model; = name
RestifyController.prototype.respondError = function(error, code) {
View audio_flobbing.html
var ctx = new AudioContext();
var tone = ctx.createOscillator();
var gain = ctx.createGain();
var high = 220;
var low = 22;
var boing = function(x) {

Architecture Questions:

Application: Is the application SOA oriented?

Does the application provide standard authentication mechanisms? (profiling, groups, roles, LDAP integration)?

Does the application provide monitoring and tracking of the operations executed?


Part 1: Bitcoin