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replaces the code for value in a new _value field
def replace_codes_with_values(feature_class, field_info, domain_info):
field_domain_map = [(field, field.domain) for field in field_info if field.domain]
fields = [field[0] for field in field_domain_map]
field_names = [ for field in fields]
domain_names = [domain[1] for domain in field_domain_map]
domain_lookup = {}
for name in domain_names:
domain_lookup[name] = [domain for domain in domain_info if == name][0]
[, for field in fields]
[, '{}_Value'.format(, 'TEXT', field_alias=field.aliasName) for field in fields]
def swap_code_for_value(code, domain_name):
domain = domain_lookup[domain_name].codedValues
if not domain:
return code
if code not in domain:
return code
return domain[code]
combined_fields = field_names + ['{}_Value'.format(field) for field in field_names]
with arcpy.da.UpdateCursor(feature_class, combined_fields) as cursor:
for row in cursor:
values_row = [swap_code_for_value(code, domain_names[i]) for i, code in enumerate(row) if i < len(field_names)]
row = row[:len(field_names)] + values_row
cursor.updateRow(row), field_names)
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