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Last active Mar 19, 2018
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dev summit recap

devsummit 2018

  • maturaty dev summit. not many ground breaking features. more polish
  • Machine learning and AI were big this year with the keynote being from microsoft and the introduction of a geovm in azure that can be provisioned.
  • Some cool demo's on training models to understand data and then letting them predict the future or act on other data was pretty cool.
  • utah roads/crash data was used in the keynote


  • 10.6 has a new geocoding engine but users can't create them until pro 2.2. around UC


  • Webpack successfully creates bundles in 4.x js api and the lessons learned should be applied to 3.x at some point hopefully
  • New pro projection engine was transpiled into web assembly and is shipped with the js api. no more need for proj4
  • command line interface tool for creating js api apps inspired by the dojo cli and ember cli


Finding Great Widgets

  • Geonet: Web AppBuilder Custom Widgets Group
  • WAB Widget Search
  • ArcScripts Search

Documentation, Download, and Support:


  • new enterprise SDK for arcobjects - means same code but new assemblies. access to new pro apis.
  • vector tile local query is coming or you can assign an operational url to a vector tile set that will be used to query
  • - chef competition

Analytics Telemetry as used in arcgis online/open data

  • Create workflows to guide people to do things. For instance, create/save a web map.
  • They assigned dollar amounts to certain work flows to fit into the GA system
  • For us this could be downloading data



Release Timeline 2018


  • Pro 2.1
  • Pro 2.1.1
  • Pro 2.1.2


  • Pro 2.2
  • ArcMap 10.6.1


  • Pro 2.2.1


  • Pro 2.3


  • Start edits can be named for the undo stack

  • You can create chained edit operations for handling multiple events

  • The feature service and direct to base editing model is different from versioned data. When you mix these undo can act funny

  • - repo of user defined arcade expressions


  • View models should be private and observable collections should be exposed
  • Pro uses a state snapshot, since everything is "async" Pro has a task scheduler that orders everything


  • Sync methods should be used when called in tight loops or high frequency because of async thread orchestration cost
  • Async will perform better if used infrequently or one off
  • Binding operations, to a list etc, should contain a lock to render and notify of it's change


  • left-ctrl+left-alt+m brings up a mini profiler to see whats going on within pro with events etc.

New stuff

  • Reports: A new data type that you can create and populate from data. It can also be published to server.
  • If we have any examples we can share them with esri to show what types of things we normally do
  • geojson will be a supported type in pro

Projection Transformations

  • Transformations have a bounding box of usability stored in the EPSG db
  • The transformations displayed in pro are chosen by intersecting the envelope of features and the envelope of transformations
  • Ties are broken by the accuracy of the transformation
  • Bottom line, we should use the top transformation specified
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