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Miva - Price Group Scheduled/Timed Promo Content
<mvt:do file="g.Module_Feature_PGR_DB" name="l.success" value="PriceGroup_Load_Name( 'Timed Promo #1', l.timed_promo )" />
<mvt:if expr="(l.timed_promo:dt_start EQ 0 OR s.dyn_time_t GT l.timed_promo:dt_start) AND (l.timed_promo:dt_start EQ 0 OR s.dyn_time_t LT l.timed_promo:dt_end)">
<mvt:assign name="l.timed_promo:is_active" value="1" />
<mvt:assign name="l.timed_promo:is_active" value="0" />
<mvt:if expr="l.timed_promo:is_active">
<mvt:item name="readytheme" param="image( 'timed_promo' )" />
<p><em>No promo for you :-(</em></p>
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