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Run to setup bazel files for fresh ng-cli project
yarn global add @bazel/ibazel
curl > .bazelrc
curl > BUILD.bazel
curl > ./src/BUILD.bazel
curl > ./e2e/protractor.on-prepare.js
curl > ./e2e/BUILD.bazel
curl > ./src/main.ts
curl > ./src/index.html
curl > ./src/app/app.component.spec.ts
yarn add -D typescript@2.9 @angular/bazel @bazel/typescript@0.17.0 @bazel/ibazel
rm e2e/protractor-conf.js
rm src/karma.conf.js
rm src/test.ts

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@stevermeister stevermeister commented Oct 4, 2018

you can run it by doing
curl | sh

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