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Created Jun 6, 2015
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Player Message
MasterCommaThe and i'm back
Barlimore Welcome back.
MasterCommaThe what needs doing?
MasterCommaThe There's no Enderman spawners on the map btw
Barlimore Aside from amending page 2 of the rulebook to reflect the correct donation URL, I don't have any in-game tasks left to offer. We're 13.5 hours away from launching my recommendation is to spend the time trying to break everything the plugins are there for to ensure it works.
MasterCommaThe is the lobby finished?
MasterCommaThe Last I saw it was just a volcano, no signs
Barlimore Kitty said it was done from her end last night.
c45y Barlimore: how does one get the book
c45y what command
c45y any headadmins around at the moment
Barlimore Sorry c45y: It's /rulebook
Barlimore Then you need to /edit while holding the book
MasterCommaThe K, we need to add warps and signs to the lobby then.
c45y awesome thanks
Barlimore I no longer have permission to edit books for some reason so I can't edit it. Once the .old in the url on page 2 is removed then you can sign it and /book-publish
c45y MasterCommaThe: warps to what sorry?
MasterCommaThe to the map from the lobby
MasterCommaThe the new lobby is just a volcano
Barlimore C45y - Portal warps in the way that our lobby world currently leads us to C, P & S.
c45y nevermind headadmins, barlimore came up with a workable solution to stupid posts lacking details
c45y Barlimore: sorry?
Barlimore Apology accepted c45y.
Barlimore ;-)
MasterCommaThe would a row of 5 red/blue beacon blocks do good for a portal?
MasterCommaThe (activated beacon blocks)
c45y what are these portals, I feel like im missing something
Barlimore If you head onto : You'll be able to go through portals at the giant C, P and S letters to be transported from the lobby server to say
MasterCommaThe YOu need to select a team while in the lobby
c45y why, with less than 24 hours, are we about to change and relink the lobby portals
MasterCommaThe these portals do that
Barlimore (or use /pve, /creative etc)
c45y you dont select a team
c45y you run a command and it selects
c45y players get 0 input over what team they end up in
MasterCommaThe oh
Barlimore c45y, - I've been all up for using the existing lobby given how progress only started a day or two ago.
MasterCommaThe that didnt' seem to be how the old lobby was set up
MasterCommaThe (CTF lobby, not main lobby)
c45y thats how the plugin works, so its going to have to be that way this time im afraid
c45y i dont recall them ever being able to choose
MasterCommaThe yah 2 years ago I think
c45y Barlimore: i have no idea if we could get a tech to load it and then relink the portals in the 12 ish hours we have to do it
MasterCommaThe but my memory sucks so don't depend on that
c45y not worth the effort
c45y MasterCommaThe: maybe, i was away for that one
c45y dunno
MasterCommaThe don't worry about it
Barlimore MasterCommaThe, - I think I remember what you mean.
MasterCommaThe random selection is fine
MasterCommaThe so then we only need two portals, one to your team base (randomly selected) and one to minigames
MasterCommaThe both in the volcano
Barlimore Before we have a main lobby server, people joined the game in an extension of the minigames lobby world(?) That was where they could be auto-assigned teams or choose them, something like that if I recall coreectly.
Barlimore had* not have
MasterCommaThe (volcano lobby, not the volcano on the main CTF map)
c45y when you join event you're dumped out in the green sphere
c45y from there you run /join
Barlimore This works perfectly.
MasterCommaThe I thought the green sphere was going away in favor of the volcano
Barlimore No, the volcano was going to be the "main lobby".
MasterCommaThe (decided 12 hours ago)
Barlimore Oh, I wasn't involved in that conversation 12 hours ago, I can't speak on that sorry.
MasterCommaThe don't worry about that
MasterCommaThe I'm just trying to figure out what needs to be done with the volcano if anything
MasterCommaThe its basic structure is complete
MasterCommaThe but it serves no purpose atm
Barlimore Worst case scenario, it isn't finished in time and implemented (which I've been saying for a week) and we just use our current setup.
MasterCommaThe has no portals or rules
MasterCommaThe It's finished
MasterCommaThe just needs a purpose
MasterCommaThe Which I've been doing a poor job of determining.
c45y MasterCommaThe: can you just let it go
c45y we don't need buildings
c45y we need rest and people during the event
c45y not wearing themselves out beforehand
c45y the lobby isnt going to happen, but the world still needs changes
c45y we need to populate signs in each base
c45y the jungle can still use touching up
MasterCommaThe Can't let it go, it's practically done and I'm trying to finish the last bit off.
c45y I don't want to see you waste time on it
c45y MasterCommaThe: done isnt done
MasterCommaThe I have nothing else to do
c45y there is a lot more required than building
c45y just like this event
c45y building is 60% of the issue
MasterCommaThe Not aware of the jungle issue, how can i help
c45y there are lots of chunk errors where the trees are missing leaves
MasterCommaThe hmm, k
c45y buzzie was hand populating them but there are still a few left around the place
c45y its not a big detail, but if you want to work on something it could be good
MasterCommaThe true, not a big detail, like a lobby
MasterCommaThe K, i'll get on the jungle
c45y thanks mate
MasterCommaThe your volcano is done for no reason, and it's fantastic
MasterCommaThe :P
c45y I just hate to see you spend hours working on something that wont be used
c45y Deaygo: morning love
c45y hows things
@Deaygo c45y: pretty good. New phone has shipped, got my car back last night, weee
MasterCommaThe I understand, but there's not hours, there's like 15m left after hours of work
MasterCommaThe so it kinda is worse this way
MasterCommaThe gratz Deaygo
c45y MasterCommaThe: then we need to get a tech to load it in, relink the portals, test
c45y it doesnt end when the building stops
MasterCommaThe Exactly. The building has stopped.
MasterCommaThe let's get it done.
MasterCommaThe K, aside from the jungle I can definitely help test and see what's broken
MasterCommaThe I'm actually quite adept at breaking things
MasterCommaThe and before I do I want to make sure we have someone around who can fix them
Barlimore I just got your ping Master "breaking things". What do you need pasting?
MasterCommaThe Did we ever fix the pistons in the mini-game world?
Barlimore Yes.
MasterCommaThe great! thx
Barlimore Could always be worth double checking them, there are some in the obstacle course and some at pvp spleef.
Barlimore None at Koth / Maze as far as I recall.
c45y base signs are done
Barlimore Cheers.
c45y @techadmins can we remove LWC autolock on event
c45y thats going to cause issues
@Deaygo I noticed that I have a lot more pings now since readding "@techadmin(s)?" to pings...
@Deaygo :P
Barlimore I'm going to head off and relax for a few hours. See you later.
@Deaygo c45y: I can turn that off once my laptop has enough juice to turn on.
c45y Deaygo: thanks <3
c45y lol
c45y im sorry
c45y im just so demanding
c45y and my timezone makes it hard to politely ask without pinging you all
MasterCommaThe thx c45y
@Deaygo c45y: haha, it's all good. It doesn't send shit to my phone or anything
@Deaygo c45y: I see it when I get on my computer next.
MasterCommaThe later Barlimore !
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