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Working from home
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stewartpark /
Last active Aug 29, 2015 Problem 381
#!/usr/bin/env python
Problem 381
Wilson's theorem
import fastlib
import math
stewartpark /
Last active Aug 29, 2015 zombit monitoring
def intersect(P, i):
ps = []
for p in P:
if p[0] <= i[0] and p[1] >= i[0]:
elif p[0] <= i[1] and p[1] >= i[1]:
elif p[0] >= i[0] and p[1] <= i[1]:
return ps
View gist:ed4327df81accd192bf2
Ezpz. :D|checksum=9284326|Stewart Park=
from __future__ import print_function
from collections import OrderedDict
N = input()
raw_records = map(lambda x: raw_input(), xrange(N))
records = OrderedDict()
# Since the syntactic correctness is given in the example, and also the order of the names can be simplified to the length of the name,
occurence = lambda x, y: len(x) - len(x.replace(y, ''))
order = lambda x: (10 * len(x.split())) - occurence(x, '.')
stewartpark /
Created Oct 13, 2015
Foobar password decryption
#!/usr/bin/env python3
from functools import lru_cache
The encryption equation is given as:
D_i = (129M_i) XOR (M_(i-1)) (mod 256)
where D denotes a encrypted string, M is the message.
Thus, the message equation derived from the original equation should be:
import java.lang.*;
import java.lang.reflect.*;
public class test extends ClassLoader{
byte[] b = {(byte)0xCA,(byte)0xFE,(byte)0xBA,(byte)0xBE,(byte)0x00,(byte)0x00,(byte)0x00,(byte)0x32,(byte)0x00,(byte)0x1D,(byte)0x0A,(byte)0x00,(byte)0x06,(byte)0x00,(byte)0x0F,(byte)0x09,(byte)0x00,(byte)0x10,(byte)0x00,(byte)0x11,(byte)0x08,(byte)0x00,(byte)0x12,(byte)0x0A,(byte)0x00,(byte)0x13,(byte)0x00,(byte)0x14,(byte)0x07,(byte)0x00,(byte)0x15,(byte)0x07,(byte)0x00,(byte)0x16,(byte)0x01,(byte)0x00,(byte)0x06,(byte)0x3C,(byte)0x69,(byte)0x6E,(byte)0x69,(byte)0x74,(byte)0x3E,(byte)0x01,(byte)0x00,(byte)0x03,(byte)0x28,(byte)0x29,(byte)0x56,(byte)0x01,(byte)0x00,(byte)0x04,(byte)0x43,(byte)0x6F,(byte)0x64,(byte)0x65,(byte)0x01,(byte)0x00,(byte)0x0F,(byte)0x4C,(byte)0x69,(byte)0x6E,(byte)0x65,(byte)0x4E,(byte)0x75,(byte)0x6D,(byte)0x62,(byte)0x65,(byte)0x72,(byte)0x54,(byte)0x61,(byte)0x62,(byte)0x6C,(byte)0x65,(byte)0x01,(byte)0x00,(byte)0x04,(byte)0x6D,(byte)0x61,(byte)0x69,(byte)0x6E,(byte)0x01,(byte)0x00,(byte)0x
stewartpark /
Last active Jan 21, 2016
Aggregate the console output of `ag` and git blame it.
from collections import Counter, defaultdict
from subprocess import check_output
import sys
import re
while True:
Merge sort
first = lambda l: l[0] if len(l) else None
last = lambda l: l[-1] if len(l) else None
first_half = lambda l: l[:len(l)/2]
last_half = lambda l: l[len(l)/2:]
merge = lambda a, b: (
[first(a)] + merge(a[1:], b) if first(a) < first(b) else [first(b)] + merge(a, b[1:])
from pyquery import PyQuery as pq
import requests
open('./video.mp4', 'wb').write(requests.get(pq(url=pq(url='')('iframe').attr('src'))('video source').attr('src')).content)
import random
def do_game(change_selection):
# Initial door
doors = [1, 0, 0]
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