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@stfnm / secret
Created Mar 7, 2013

use strict;
use warnings;
my %SCRIPT = (
name => 'test',
author => 'stfn <>',
version => '0.1',
license => 'GPL3',
desc => 'Test script to demonstrate U+200B problem',
weechat::register($SCRIPT{"name"}, $SCRIPT{"author"}, $SCRIPT{"version"}, $SCRIPT{"license"}, $SCRIPT{"desc"}, "", "");
weechat::hook_command($SCRIPT{"name"}, $SCRIPT{"desc"}, "", "", "", "command_cb", "");
# '/test' command
sub command_cb
my $buffer = $_[0];
# The test message below fails, the "OK" part never shows up in weechat.
# Though the log file written by the logger plugin contains the correct
# and complete message.
weechat::command($buffer, "Test: \x{200B} OK");
return weechat::WEECHAT_RC_OK;
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