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David Strauß stravid

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yum install httpd.i386 httpd-devel.i386 libxml2-devel.i386 libxslt-devel.i386\
openssl-devel.i386 pcre-devel.i386 bzip2-devel.i386 curl-devel.i386\
libjpeg-devel.i386 libpng-devel.i386 freetype-devel.i386 gmp-devel.i386\
libc-client-devel.i386 libmcrypt-devel.i386 mysql-devel.i386 unixODBC-devel.i386\
postgresql-devel.i386 sqlite-devel.i386 aspell-devel.i386 net-snmp-devel.i386 ncurses-devel.i386
'./configure' \
'--disable-cgi' \
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Add a /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Testing.repo file providing the followings:
# CentOS-Testing:
# !!!! CAUTION !!!!
# This repository is a proving grounds for packages on their way to CentOSPlus and CentOS Extras.
# They may or may not replace core CentOS packages, and are not guaranteed to function properly.
# These packages build and install, but are waiting for feedback from testers as to
# functionality and stability. Packages in this repository will come and go during the
# development period, so it should not be left enabled or used on production systems without due
# consideration.
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# RVM bootstrap
$:.unshift(File.expand_path('./lib', ENV['rvm_path']))
require 'rvm/capistrano'
set :rvm_ruby_string, '1.9.2@shuffler'
set :rvm_type, :user
# bundler bootstrap
require 'bundler/capistrano'
unless Capistrano::CLI.ui.agree("Are you sure you want to redeploy? (yes/no): ")
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Test =
print: ->
console.log("Test.print called")
if module.exports?
module.exports = Test
@Test = Test
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class User < ActiveRecord::Base
include Clearance::User
before_create :generate_api_key
attr_accessible :time_zone, :email, :password
validates_uniqueness_of :api_key
def generate_api_key
self.api_key = Digest::SHA1.hexdigest( + rand(12341234).to_s)[1..24]
stravid / coffeescript.html
Created Jan 24, 2012
Starterkit for CoffeeScript
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<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<h1>Hello CoffeeScript!</h1>
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canvas = document.getElementById 'canvas'
canvas.width = 1024
canvas.height = 700
context = canvas.getContext '2d'
points = []
isMoving = false
$('canvas').on 'touchstart', (event) -> onTouchStart event
$('canvas').on 'touchmove', (event) -> onTouchMove event
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Slotcars::Application.routes.draw do
root :to => 'tracks#index'
get '/tracks/:id' => 'tracks#index'
get '/tracks/new' => 'tracks#index'
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#= require helpers/namespace
#= require embient/ember-routemanager
namespace 'slotcars'
slotcars.RouteManager = Ember.RouteManager.extend
wantsHistory: true # use html5 push state
delegate: null
stravid / gist:2024450
Created Mar 12, 2012
Sublime Text 2 - Useful Shortcuts
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Sublime Text 2 – Useful Shortcuts (OS X)

Loosely ordered with the commands I use most towards the top. Sublime also offer full documentation.


Ctrl+C copy current line (if no selection)
Ctrl+X cut current line (if no selection)
Ctrl+⇧+K delete line
Ctrl+ insert line after
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