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import sys
import re
if len(sys.argv) <= 1: exit()
scriptpath = sys.argv[1]
with open(scriptpath, 'r') as scriptfile:
script ='^', '')
p = re.compile('\([Ss][Ee][Tt][^=]+=([^&]+)&&')
s =
if s != None:
alphabet =
script = re.sub(r'[,\+;]', '', script)
p = re.compile('\(([0-9 ]+)\)')
s =
if s != None:
indices =
for i in indices:
idx = int(i)
if idx < len(alphabet):
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strictlymike commented Nov 28, 2018

Oh, my... I just found this today while looking for my own script by the same name. Here is my dynamic take on de-DOSfuscation, if you're interested :)

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