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CartoFrames - A Data Scientists interface to CARTO

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Carto is a wonderful platform for data visualization, exploration and analysis. It offers a rich set of tools through Builder: Location Data Services, Data Observatory and Analysis, that enable anyone to produce easily sharable Location Intelligence applications.

This serves most of our customers well butData Scientists rarely interact with GUI's preferring to live in the world of Juypter Notebooks and Pandas Dataframes.

In this workshop will teach you how to use our now CartoFrames package, a intuitive way to interact with CARTO that fits in to your Data Science workflow and the wider Python Data Science ecosystem. Make stunning CARTO maps, perform analysis and explore our Data Observatory right from the comfort of a notebook.

Workshop length

4 hours

Experinece Level

Basic Requirements

  • Familiarity with Python
  • Some familiarity with Pandas DataFrames (helpful)
  • Some experience working in Juypter Notebooks (helpful)

Workshop outline

  • Welcome and introductions to CARTO Builder, its capabilities and components
  • An quick refresher on Jupyter Notebooks and how to use them
  • An introduction to the main concepts behind CartoFrames
  • A worked example showing how to various simple tasks
  • A worked example showing how to use CartoFrames to integrate with the Data Observatory
  • A full complex worked example involving CARTO and some of the wider python data science eco system
  • Questions and time to work through other issues.
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