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# -*- coding:utf-8 -*-
import scrapy
from scrapy.exceptions import CloseSpider
class LoginSpider(scrapy.Spider):
name = 'login-spider'
start_urls = ['']
def parse(self, response):
self.log('visitei a página de login: {}'.format(response.url))
token = response.css('input[name="csrf_token"]::attr(value)').extract_first()
yield scrapy.FormRequest(
'username': 'john.doe',
'password': 'anything',
'csrf_token': token,
def parse_author_links(self, response):
has_logout_link = response.css('a[href="/logout"]').extract_first()
if not has_logout_link:
raise CloseSpider('falha de autenticação')
self.log('acabei de fazer login')
links = response.css('.quote a[href*=""]::attr(href)').extract()
for link in links:
yield {'link': link}
next_page = response.css(' a::attr(href)').extract_first()
if next_page:
yield scrapy.Request(
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