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`rubocop --auto-correct --only COP` and `git commit`
# `rubocop --auto-correct --only COP` and `git commit`
# Usage: ruby rubocop_auto_correct_commit.rb
require "json"
rubocop_result = JSON.parse(`rubocop --format=json`)
cop_names = []
rubocop_result["files"].each do |file|
cop_names += file["offenses"].map { |offense| offense["cop_name"] }
cop_names = cop_names.sort.uniq
cop_names.each do |cop_name|
# Depending on the execution order, there is a possibility that the offences may increase.
# So it is executed twice
2.times do
command = "rubocop --auto-correct --only #{cop_name}"
ret = system command
system "git commit -am ':cop: #{command}'" if ret
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