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Created Jun 22, 2018
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PS C:\Users\Suha\Desktop\test_Env> packer validate packer.json
Template validated successfully.
PS C:\Users\Suha\Desktop\test_Env> packer build -var ‘aws_access_key=AKIAJOLN6HYMWIDFNZOA’ -var ‘aws_secret_key=WJBen0fMGxmiKlks2q9
CrQQ4C/Nhacy55YlAC4nh’ packer.json
amazon-ebs output will be in this color.
==> amazon-ebs: Prevalidating AMI Name: rancher-master 1529683817
amazon-ebs: Found Image ID: ami-5daa463a
==> amazon-ebs: Creating temporary keypair: packer_5b2d1f69-d44b-823b-2122-64390da5e227
==> amazon-ebs: Creating temporary security group for this instance: packer_5b2d1f6e-19a3-2f88-9ea2-927b21b9bdaf
==> amazon-ebs: Authorizing access to port 22 from in the temporary security group...
==> amazon-ebs: Launching a source AWS instance...
==> amazon-ebs: Adding tags to source instance
amazon-ebs: Adding tag: "Name": "Packer Builder"
amazon-ebs: Instance ID: i-0b3308dd8a0b21e35
==> amazon-ebs: Waiting for instance (i-0b3308dd8a0b21e35) to become ready...
==> amazon-ebs: Waiting for SSH to become available...
==> amazon-ebs: Connected to SSH!
==> amazon-ebs: Provisioning with shell script:
amazon-ebs: # Executing docker install script, commit: UNKNOWN
amazon-ebs: + sudo -E sh -c apt-get update -qq >/dev/null
amazon-ebs: + sudo -E sh -c apt-get install -y -qq apt-transport-https ca-certificates curl >/dev/null
amazon-ebs: + sudo -E sh -c curl -fsSL "" | apt-key add -qq - >/dev/null
amazon-ebs: + sudo -E sh -c echo "deb [arch=amd64] xenial test" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/docker.list
amazon-ebs: + [ ubuntu = debian ]
amazon-ebs: + sudo -E sh -c apt-get update -qq >/dev/null
amazon-ebs: + sudo -E sh -c apt-get install -y -qq --no-install-recommends docker-ce >/dev/null
amazon-ebs: debconf: unable to initialize frontend: Dialog
amazon-ebs: debconf: (Dialog frontend will not work on a dumb terminal, an emacs shell buffer, or without a controlling terminal.)
amazon-ebs: debconf: falling back to frontend: Readline
amazon-ebs: debconf: unable to initialize frontend: Readline
amazon-ebs: debconf: (This frontend requires a controlling tty.)
amazon-ebs: debconf: falling back to frontend: Teletype
amazon-ebs: dpkg-preconfigure: unable to re-open stdin:
amazon-ebs: + sudo -E sh -c docker version
amazon-ebs: Client:
amazon-ebs: Version: 18.05.0-ce
amazon-ebs: API version: 1.37
amazon-ebs: Go version: go1.9.5
amazon-ebs: Git commit: f150324
amazon-ebs: Built: Wed May 9 22:16:25 2018
amazon-ebs: OS/Arch: linux/amd64
amazon-ebs: Experimental: false
amazon-ebs: Orchestrator: swarm
amazon-ebs: Server:
amazon-ebs: Engine:
amazon-ebs: Version: 18.05.0-ce
amazon-ebs: API version: 1.37 (minimum version 1.12)
amazon-ebs: Go version: go1.9.5
amazon-ebs: Git commit: f150324
amazon-ebs: Built: Wed May 9 22:14:32 2018
amazon-ebs: OS/Arch: linux/amd64
amazon-ebs: Experimental: false
amazon-ebs: If you would like to use Docker as a non-root user, you should now consider
amazon-ebs: adding your user to the "docker" group with something like:
amazon-ebs: sudo usermod -aG docker ubuntu
amazon-ebs: Remember that you will have to log out and back in for this to take effect!
amazon-ebs: WARNING: Adding a user to the "docker" group will grant the ability to run
amazon-ebs: containers which can be used to obtain root privileges on the
amazon-ebs: docker host.
amazon-ebs: Refer to
amazon-ebs: for more information.
amazon-ebs: Using default tag: latest
amazon-ebs: latest: Pulling from rancher/server
amazon-ebs: bae382666908: Pulling fs layer
amazon-ebs: 29ede3c02ff2: Pulling fs layer
amazon-ebs: da4e69f33106: Pulling fs layer
amazon-ebs: 8d43e5f5d27f: Pulling fs layer
amazon-ebs: b0de1abb17d6: Pulling fs layer
amazon-ebs: 422f47db4517: Pulling fs layer
amazon-ebs: 79d37de643ce: Pulling fs layer
amazon-ebs: 69d13e08a4fe: Pulling fs layer
amazon-ebs: 2ddfd3c6a2b7: Pulling fs layer
amazon-ebs: bc433fed3823: Pulling fs layer
amazon-ebs: b82e188df556: Pulling fs layer
amazon-ebs: dae2802428a4: Pulling fs layer
amazon-ebs: 01ee44ee6d74: Pulling fs layer
amazon-ebs: 58edc581941f: Pulling fs layer
amazon-ebs: 960cf05fd0a8: Pulling fs layer
amazon-ebs: 2b5c34b98b97: Pulling fs layer
amazon-ebs: 2d0f458c8fc5: Pulling fs layer
amazon-ebs: d6fce1097c48: Pulling fs layer
amazon-ebs: b12d5fd766dc: Pulling fs layer
amazon-ebs: 6564119ffada: Pulling fs layer
amazon-ebs: 84f188954b45: Pulling fs layer
amazon-ebs: 8d43e5f5d27f: Waiting
amazon-ebs: b0de1abb17d6: Waiting
amazon-ebs: 422f47db4517: Waiting
amazon-ebs: 79d37de643ce: Waiting
amazon-ebs: 69d13e08a4fe: Waiting
amazon-ebs: 2ddfd3c6a2b7: Waiting
amazon-ebs: bc433fed3823: Waiting
amazon-ebs: b82e188df556: Waiting
amazon-ebs: dae2802428a4: Waiting
amazon-ebs: 01ee44ee6d74: Waiting
amazon-ebs: 58edc581941f: Waiting
amazon-ebs: 960cf05fd0a8: Waiting
amazon-ebs: 2b5c34b98b97: Waiting
amazon-ebs: 2d0f458c8fc5: Waiting
amazon-ebs: d6fce1097c48: Waiting
amazon-ebs: b12d5fd766dc: Waiting
amazon-ebs: 6564119ffada: Waiting
amazon-ebs: 84f188954b45: Waiting
amazon-ebs: 29ede3c02ff2: Verifying Checksum
amazon-ebs: 29ede3c02ff2: Download complete
amazon-ebs: da4e69f33106: Verifying Checksum
amazon-ebs: da4e69f33106: Download complete
amazon-ebs: 8d43e5f5d27f: Verifying Checksum
amazon-ebs: 8d43e5f5d27f: Download complete
amazon-ebs: b0de1abb17d6: Verifying Checksum
amazon-ebs: b0de1abb17d6: Download complete
amazon-ebs: bae382666908: Verifying Checksum
amazon-ebs: bae382666908: Download complete
amazon-ebs: 422f47db4517: Verifying Checksum
amazon-ebs: 422f47db4517: Download complete
amazon-ebs: 79d37de643ce: Verifying Checksum
amazon-ebs: 79d37de643ce: Download complete
amazon-ebs: 69d13e08a4fe: Verifying Checksum
amazon-ebs: 69d13e08a4fe: Download complete
amazon-ebs: 2ddfd3c6a2b7: Verifying Checksum
amazon-ebs: 2ddfd3c6a2b7: Download complete
amazon-ebs: b82e188df556: Verifying Checksum
amazon-ebs: b82e188df556: Download complete
amazon-ebs: bae382666908: Pull complete
amazon-ebs: 29ede3c02ff2: Pull complete
amazon-ebs: da4e69f33106: Pull complete
amazon-ebs: 8d43e5f5d27f: Pull complete
amazon-ebs: b0de1abb17d6: Pull complete
amazon-ebs: 422f47db4517: Pull complete
amazon-ebs: 79d37de643ce: Pull complete
amazon-ebs: 69d13e08a4fe: Pull complete
amazon-ebs: bc433fed3823: Verifying Checksum
amazon-ebs: bc433fed3823: Download complete
amazon-ebs: 01ee44ee6d74: Verifying Checksum
amazon-ebs: 01ee44ee6d74: Download complete
amazon-ebs: 2ddfd3c6a2b7: Pull complete
amazon-ebs: 58edc581941f: Verifying Checksum
amazon-ebs: 58edc581941f: Download complete
amazon-ebs: 960cf05fd0a8: Verifying Checksum
amazon-ebs: 960cf05fd0a8: Download complete
amazon-ebs: dae2802428a4: Verifying Checksum
amazon-ebs: dae2802428a4: Download complete
amazon-ebs: bc433fed3823: Pull complete
amazon-ebs: 2b5c34b98b97: Verifying Checksum
amazon-ebs: 2b5c34b98b97: Download complete
amazon-ebs: b82e188df556: Pull complete
amazon-ebs: 2d0f458c8fc5: Verifying Checksum
amazon-ebs: 2d0f458c8fc5: Download complete
amazon-ebs: d6fce1097c48: Verifying Checksum
amazon-ebs: d6fce1097c48: Download complete
amazon-ebs: dae2802428a4: Pull complete
amazon-ebs: b12d5fd766dc: Verifying Checksum
amazon-ebs: b12d5fd766dc: Download complete
amazon-ebs: 84f188954b45: Verifying Checksum
amazon-ebs: 84f188954b45: Download complete
amazon-ebs: 01ee44ee6d74: Pull complete
amazon-ebs: 58edc581941f: Pull complete
amazon-ebs: 960cf05fd0a8: Pull complete
amazon-ebs: 6564119ffada: Verifying Checksum
amazon-ebs: 6564119ffada: Download complete
amazon-ebs: 2b5c34b98b97: Pull complete
amazon-ebs: 2d0f458c8fc5: Pull complete
amazon-ebs: d6fce1097c48: Pull complete
amazon-ebs: b12d5fd766dc: Pull complete
amazon-ebs: 6564119ffada: Pull complete
amazon-ebs: 84f188954b45: Pull complete
amazon-ebs: Digest: sha256:0fb346d609fbeffbe4da1d5a2aae647dda226e343250d523fb044629498c1131
amazon-ebs: Status: Downloaded newer image for rancher/server:latest
amazon-ebs: 0b686bc3ea342bc31c74296f55a905a91d02a07d21baf11d5ad5dd80bf09546e
==> amazon-ebs: Stopping the source instance...
amazon-ebs: Stopping instance, attempt 1
==> amazon-ebs: Waiting for the instance to stop...
==> amazon-ebs: Creating the AMI: rancher-master 1529683817
amazon-ebs: AMI: ami-b1bf56d6
==> amazon-ebs: Waiting for AMI to become ready...
==> amazon-ebs: Terminating the source AWS instance...
==> amazon-ebs: Cleaning up any extra volumes...
==> amazon-ebs: No volumes to clean up, skipping
==> amazon-ebs: Deleting temporary security group...
==> amazon-ebs: Deleting temporary keypair...
Build 'amazon-ebs' finished.
==> Builds finished. The artifacts of successful builds are:
--> amazon-ebs: AMIs were created:
eu-west-2: ami-b1bf56d6
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