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Switch fly version

I work with a lot of different Concourse servers that have a variety of versions. fly rejects working with servers that are off to much. Therefore I have fly-3.14.1, fly-4.2.3 etc. on my machine.

But many set-pipeline scripts assume that a single fly command exists and that it magically is of the right version. So I need to switch; preferably per directory or per shell.

Did not work

  • Shell aliases are never exported, so that a set-pipeline script does not know about the alias.
  • I use ZSH, where functions cannot be exported.



ln -sf /usr/local/bin/fly{-3.14.1,}

Unfortunately, this is a machine-wide setting.

Potential Approaches

  • Move the various fly versions to different subdirectories, and adjust the $PATH (perhaps in a .envrc)
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