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Clean file test cho contest thêm dấu tiếng Việt
from tqdm import tqdm
input_path = "./test_word_per_line.txt"
output_path = "./test_cleaned.txt"
curr_id = ""
curr_sent = []
with open(output_path,mode="wt", encoding="utf-8") as f:
lines = open(input_path).readlines()
for idx, line in tqdm(enumerate(lines)):
if idx == 0:
line = line.strip()
line_id = line.split(",")[0][:3]
if line_id != curr_id:
if len(curr_sent) > 0:
f.write("{},{}\n".format(curr_id, ' '.join(curr_sent)))
curr_id = line_id
curr_sent = []
if idx == len(lines) - 1:
f.write("{},{}\n".format(curr_id, ' '.join(curr_sent)))
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