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PSA: Please avoid writing duplicate answers
I recently asked a question - [What should I do if I have a nosebleed in the middle of a meeting?]( This question received at least *11* answers (2 of which were deleted).
I've read through all of the answers posted to my question, and I've noticed something: A lot of the information included in those answers seems quite... repetitive.
For instance, at least *three* answers all say to *step out*: [(1)](, [(2)](, [(3)](
At least two say *it depends on the severity*: [(1)](, [(2)](
And another two focus on *talk to someone*: [(1)](, [(2)](
Do I really need *all* of that information duplicated? **No.** If someone has already said something, and you are just going to state the same thing in different words, please think twice before posting a new answer. Of course, if you are going to include more information, then go ahead - but only if you are **actually including information not mentioned in other answers**.
This isn't just my question - see [Is it rude to ask if a pregnancy was planned?]( Most of the answers there state the same thing: Yes, it's rude, and possibly suggesting an alternative way to ask. But it's spread out over 10+ answers, all stating the same thing in a different way.
While Interpersonal.SE may be different to other Stack Exchange sites, due to its subjectivity, that doesn't mean that it's suddenly turned back into a discussion forum. **If someone has already said what you want to say, don't post a 'me too'**. Doing so can get annoying, and unnecessarily duplicates content. This is why we close questions as duplicates - to make sure that content is condensed in one place. To avoid having it spread it across lots of different posts.
Note also that there is a difference between when two or more people were writing a similar answer at the same time and when the duplicate answer is posted after the second person has had ample time to read the first answer. In the first case, I do **not** think that they are a problem in the first case.
So what should we *actually* do with late duplicate answers?
Well, this has been raised several times on Meta.SE I happen to like this answer to [How to deal with duplicate answers posted long after first answer(s)](, personally - which suggests **the flagging and deletion of such answers**.
This will help to keep the site from being flooded with useless duplicate answers, and serves to discourage people from posting said unwanted content.
What do people say?
See also [Vote to delete answers as duplicates of earlier answers]( on Meta.SE.
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