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supremebeing7 / console.rb
Created Jul 13, 2018
datetime comparison
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001 > User.where('created_at >= ?', '2018-07-12T17:12:37.673+02:00')
User Load (0.5ms) SELECT "users".* FROM "users" WHERE (created_at >= '2018-07-12T17:12:37.673+02:00') LIMIT ? [["LIMIT", 11]]
=> #<ActiveRecord::Relation [#<User id: 1, username: "stuff", email: "", password_hash: "4dc594e728edf9acd0148eb195e09af68a082ff6", password_salt: "9225fe40b42187ff1fc440b2c32cf2fba67e3be7", created_at: "2018-07-13 04:56:44", updated_at: "2018-07-13 04:56:44">]>
002 > User.where('created_at <= ?', '2018-07-12T17:12:37.673+02:00')
User Load (0.5ms) SELECT "users".* FROM "users" WHERE (created_at <= '2018-07-12T17:12:37.673+02:00') LIMIT ? [["LIMIT", 11]]
=> #<ActiveRecord::Relation []>
003 > user.created_at
=> Fri, 13 Jul 2018 04:56:44 UTC +00:00
supremebeing7 / parser.rb
Created Apr 22, 2018
roo gem parse issues
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require 'roo'
csv ="sample.csv")
# => [["row1col1", "row1col2", "row1col3"],
# ["row2col1", "row2col2", "row2col3"],
# ["row3col1", "row3col2", "row3col3"]]
csv.parse(headers: true)

Theming Slack for OSX

So, you love Slack, but you hate applications with large white backgrounds? Why not use Dark Mode!

Unfortunately, Slack does not have a Dark Mode, although it's on their list of possibilities.

But, don't fret - there is a solution! Because the slack native desktop apps are just wrappers around a web app, we can load our own CSS to customize the application to our liking.

How to (OSX Only)

supremebeing7 /
Created Nov 14, 2016
Set file modified date to creation date for fileset
# This doesn't work in its current form... I don't remember what the problem is
for i in $( ls ); do
if [ "$i" == "DSC_0518.JPG" ]; then
modified=\"$(GetFileInfo -m $i)\"
SetFile -d \'$modified\' $i
for i in $( ls ); do
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require 'mina/git'
require 'json'
set :domain, ''
set :user, 'nodejs'
set :deploy_to, '/home/nodejs/api'
set :repository, 'git@.../api.git'
set :branch, 'master'
set :shared_paths, [ 'tmp' ]
set :term_mode, :pretty
# Your init script
# Atom will evaluate this file each time a new window is opened. It is run
# after packages are loaded/activated and after the previous editor state
# has been restored.
# An example hack to log to the console when each text editor is saved.
# atom.workspace.observeTextEditors (editor) ->
# editor.onDidSave ->
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alias gs='git status '
alias ga='git add '
alias gb='git branch '
alias gc='git commit'
alias gcm='git commit -m'
alias gd='git diff'
alias gco='git checkout '
alias gcob='git checkout -b '
alias got='git '
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# config/locales/en.yml
title: "Not Found"
description: "The page you were looking for does not exists."
title: "Internal Server Error"
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// While you can edit this file, it's best to put your changes in
// "User/Preferences.sublime-settings", which overrides the settings in here.
// Settings may also be placed in file type specific options files, for
// example, in Packages/Python/Python.sublime-settings for python files.
// Sets the colors used within the text area
"color_scheme": "Packages/Color Scheme - Default/Monokai.tmTheme",
// Note that the font_face and font_size are overriden in the platform
supremebeing7 / report.rake
Created Sep 10, 2014
Rake task testing with Rspec
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namespace :report do
task :daily => :environment do
report_for_all_users('daily_report', 'day')
def report_for_all_users(flag, time_period)
puts "Getting users who want #{flag.to_s.humanize}s"
users = User.where("admin = true AND settings -> '#{flag}' = '1'")
puts "Sending #{flag.to_s.humanize}s for #{users.count} users"
users.each do |user|