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P3 Peer Review Template

P3 Peer Review

Answer the following questions in regards to the student's project you are reviewing. REMOVE THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR EACH PROMPT when complete. We should only see YOUR ANSWERS.

1. Interface

Address as many of the following points as applicable:

  • What are your initial impressions of the site interface?
  • Were there any parts of the interface that you found confusing, or did not work as you expected?
  • Were there any parts of the interface that you thought worked notably well?
  • Do you have any suggestions for improvements on the interface?

2. Functional testing

One challenge of developing software is thinking of all the unexpected ways users might interact with our applications. It's easy to develop “blinders” to methods of interaction because we know so much about how our application works, and so we have a hard time imagining how our interfaces might be misinterpreted. Thus, it can be useful to have an outsider rigorously test our applications with the explicit intention of trying to break it.

Knowing this, it's time to put your reviewee's application to the test. Think of all the unexpected ways their application could be used with the intention of trying to produce some unexpected/undesirable outcome.


  • Try submitting a form without entering any data
  • Try submitting a form with entering data in only some of the fields
  • If an input is asking for a number, try entering some of the following combinations: decimal numbers, negative numbers, letters, symbols, an extremely large number, etc.
  • Try and access a URL on their site that likely does not exist (e.g.
  • Etc.

Summarize what you tried, and describe any unexpected/undesirable outcomes.

(Even if you don't find any issues, having the reviewee see what you tried might give them insight into things they did not think to test.)

3. Code: Routes

Skim through the student's code on Github.

Find their routes file (routes/web.php). Thinking about ideal Route/Controller organization— is there any code in this file that should be happening in a Controller?

If yes, describe.

4. Code: Views

Skim through the View files in /resources/views and address as many of the following points as applicable:

  • Is template inheritance used?
  • Are there any separation of concern issues (i.e. non-display specific logic in view files)?
  • Did they do anything in PHP that could have been done in Blade?
  • Did they use any Blade syntax/techniques you were unfamiliar with?

5. Code: General

Address as many of the following points as applicable:

  • Do you notice any inconsistencies between the code and the course notes on code style?
  • Are there any best practices discussed in course material that you feel were not addressed in the code?
  • Are there aspects of the code that you feel were not self-evident and would benefit from comments?
  • Are there any parts of the code that you found interesting/would not have thought to do yourself?
  • Are there any parts of the code that you don't understand?

6. Misc

Do you have any additional comments not covered in the above questions?

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