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Project Summary Template

  • Project Title : Sample OpenMRS Project
  • Primary mentor:
  • Backup mentor:
  • Student:
  • Project Link: Wiki Page Link


A few paragraphs describing the project and the work you’ve completed. If there is still work to be done on the project, include that too.


What were the primary (and additional) objectives of the project?



Where can we find the code that you worked on? i.e. links to all relevant code repositories and/or pull requests and/or commits.

  • Repositories
    • Pull Requests
    • Found Issues
    • Fixed Issues
  • Talk Thread links

Weekly Blog Posts

List all of your past weekly blog posts.


Additional links to other key resources and documentation such as google docs, Talk posts, mid-term video presentations, Jira projects etc.

Future Works

Mention about what kind of works are pending on your project, and what can be added apart from your objectives to this project, etc

Thoughts on GSoC

How was your experience working with OpenMRS on GSoC in 2019? What did you expect of the program, what actually happened in the program, what did you enjoy/not enjoy, and what can OpenMRS do to improve things for next time?

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