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jan/feb: crowd funding "love" campaign
jan: Konstantin's and Mathias' first commits
feb: add more languages (like perl, python, scala)
feb: librato metrics and papertrail logs
mar: campfire travisbot
mar: hurt_logger, lograge
mar: start using hubble for exceptions
mar: GH
mar: worker cookbookx
mar: start using feature flips
mar: start setting up pro
apr: pull-request support, travisbot comments on pull requests
apr: rewrite serialization to use pure ruby classes
may: travis-dashboard
may: travis-assets: pull assets out of the main app
may: api versioning and api v2
may: first steps towards proper sync for users, orgs and repos
may: travis-admin
jun: split event handlers and tasks
jun: common instrumentation/notification api, unify metrics, event monitor
jun: start work on the new stand-alone client app, new ember, rake-pipeline, minispade, coffeescript and sass
jul: Piotr's first commits
jul: encrypted env var support
jul: change approach how the pro rails app reuses org, health checks
jul: start work on billing/subscriptions for pro
jul: more work on the new client
jul: add a "sync now" button
jul: rate limiting for jobs
jul: github commit status notifier
jul: Hipchat notifier
jul: use Charm as a customer support tool
aug: continued work on billing/subscriptions for pro
aug: work on travis-api
aug: re-work the profile page and include orgs
aug: split out travis-tasks to handle external notifications
sep: continued work on billing/subscriptions for pro
sep: split out travis-logs to take care of log processing
sep: add a "tail log" button
sep: extract generic layer of service classes
sep: move from jruby 1.6.7 to 1.7.0
sep: implement coder to mitigate encoding issues on jruby 1.7.0
sep: new approac to the github sign-in using iframe/post-message
sep/oct: more work on travis-web and travis-api, prepare release
oct: split out travis-gatekeeper for build request processing, start using sidekiq
oct: start working on travis-web for pro
oct: flash messages and broadcasts
oct: split out travis-enqueue
oct: start small steps refactorings to eventually split travis-core
nov: huge issues with rabbitmq and redis providers and heroku postgres
nov: travis-sso for single sign-on on pro apps
nov: restart builds
nov: start using sentry for exceptions on some apps
nov: start implementing travis-artifacts
dec: use HelpScout as a customer support tool
dec: refactor to richer result states so we can eventually better track canceled and errored build jobs
dec: switch .org to the new web client, retire the old rails app
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