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Forked from xh4/html-test.lisp
Last active Mar 12, 2020
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Common Lisp HTML Generation Test
(in-package :cl-user)
(ql:quickload :cl-who)
(ql:quickload :spinneret)
(defpackage :html-test
(:use :cl :cl-who :spinneret))
(in-package :html-test)
(defun test-html-cl-who ()
(with-html-output-to-string (string)
,@(loop repeat 1024
collect `(:tr
,@(loop repeat 1024
collect '(:td)))))
(defun test-html-spinneret ()
(with-output-to-string (*html*)
,@(loop repeat 1024
collect `(:tr
,@(loop repeat 1024
collect '(:td))))))
;; Correct spinneret usage is:
(defun test-html-spinneret2 ()
(loop repeat 1024
do (:tr
(loop repeat 1024
do (:td)))))))
;; It has normal performance:
;; CL-USER> (time (defparameter *result* (test-html-spinneret2)))
;; Evaluation took:
;; 0.378 seconds of real time
;; 0.378023 seconds of total run time (0.368753 user, 0.009270 system)
;; 100.00% CPU
;; 834,907,206 processor cycles
;; 58,117,312 bytes consed
;; CL-USER> (length *result*)
;; 6296576 (23 bits, #x601400)
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