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"caption": "Reg Replace: Format VTT",
"command": "reg_replace",
"args": {"replacements": ["remove_timestamps", "remove_numbered_lines","remove_empty_lines","remove_line_endings","remove_WEBVTT_literal","remove_v_tags"]
austinhyde /
Last active Sep 23, 2021
Vanilla JavaScript Data Binding


You don't really need a framework or fancy cutting-edge JavaScript features to do two-way data binding. Let's start basic - first and foremost, you need a way to tell when data changes. Traditionally, this is done via an Observer pattern, but a full-blown implementation of that is a little clunky for nice, lightweight JavaScript. So, if native getters/setters are out, the only mechanism we have are accessors:

var n = 5;
function getN() { return n; }
function setN(newN) { n = newN; }

console.log(getN()); // 5