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Gatsby bootstrap lifecycle

Sequence of Gatsby's bootstrap lifecycle with links to source code as of v2.0.0


  1. open and validate gatsby-config (get-config-file.js) 1.5 load themes (swyx added this note July 2019)
  2. load plugins (load-plugins/index.js) from the list given in gatsby-config.js
  3. onPreBootstrap: runs onPreBootstrap if it is implemented in any plugins, for example gatsby-plugin-typography. Receives handy apiCallArgs and pluginOptions.
  4. delete html and css files from previous builds (from the /public directory) - a simple delete
  5. delete /.cache if hash of package.json, gatsby-config.js, gatsby-node.js, and plugin versions has changed. then init or reuse /.cache/cache.
  6. copy gatsby files from the cache-dir folder in the main gatsby package into your new /.cache. Make sure ./cache/json exists and ./cache/fragments is empty. If your plugins implement gatsby-browser and gatsby-ssr, write them out to .cache/api-runner-browser-plugins.js and .cache/api-runner-ssr.js.
  7. source and transform nodes: run sourceNodes if implemented by plugins (eg gatsby-source-wikipedia), then garbage collect stale nodes
  1. building schema: runs schema/index.js to build everything involved in the RootQueryType GraphQLSchema. a lot of code here i'm skipping over.
  2. add extensions: by default gatsby handles .js and .jsx, but plugins can implement resolvableExtensions to add filetypes for other languages, eg gatsby-plugin-typescript
  3. createPages: run createPages hooks implemented by your plugins (e.g. page-hot-reloader) and your gatsby-node.js
  1. createPagesStatefully: "A variant on createPages for plugins that want to have full control over adding/removing pages." more here.
  2. onPreExtractQueries: runs the onPreExtractQueries hook for plugins like gatsby-transformer-sharp and gatsby-source-contentful.
  3. update schema: run schema AGAIN! (why? the comment says "Update Schema for SitePage."). Report conflicting field types.
  4. extract queries from components: starting from query-watcher.js, use queryCompiler to either replaceComponentQuery for pages or replaceStaticQuery for staticQueries.
  5. (if not in NODE_ENV != production) start the createPages page-hot-reloader
  6. run graphql queries: runQueriesForPathnames for pageQueries and staticQueries.
  7. write out page data: writePages!
  8. write out redirect data: writes out browser redirects to .cache/redirects.json
  9. bootstrap finished - ${process.uptime()}s: yay
  10. onPostBootstrap: calls "onPostBootstrap" hook, but no packages seem to implement it.
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