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Contributing to Open Source

Why Contribute to Open Source

  • Giving back to community
  • Learning your library/tool (especially helping out in docs)
  • Learning your language
  • Building a public/portable portfolio
  • Working in a distributed/remote team
  • Practicing building things e.g.
  • Mentorship from Seniors
  • Material for blogposts and talks 😎

It doesn't have to be code

  • Official docs can always be better. Translation, updating, clarifying with a beginners mind
  • Make your own unofficial docs or blogposts
  • You can help triage issues when people file them - you will get very very good at answering Frequently Asked Questions and tha frees up time for maintainers to do more
  • Answer questions nicely on StackOverflow, Gitter, Twitter, etc

It doesn't have to be CORE code

  • You can make helper libraries on top of the library to solve common problems people face
  • You can help write tests

How to Get Started


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@Keraito Keraito commented Nov 3, 2018

I think it's also beneficial to people to ask themselves what they want to get out of contributing to OS rather than just doing it for the contributions. You hear a lot about how contributing to OS is something you should definitely do or wanted by companies, but there's more than just doing it for those reasons. Understanding what you want will improve your experience and motivation instead of stagnating on the decision whether to do so in the first place or burning out quickly. If you don't enjoy it, it probably won't start or last long. (I experienced this myself and wrote a blog post about it as you mentioned in your gist, inspired by what you do. Thanks for your content and keep doing what you do! 🙇‍♂️ )


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@sw-yx sw-yx commented Nov 4, 2018

thank you!

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