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(ns fj
(:import [java.util.concurrent RecursiveTask
(set! *warn-on-reflection* true)
;; -----------------------------------------------
;; Helpers to provide an idiomatic interface to FJ
(defprotocol IFJTask
(fork [this])
(join [this])
(run [this])
(compute [this]))
(deftype FJTask [^RecursiveTask task]
(fork [_] (FJTask. (.fork task)))
(join [_] (.join task))
(run [_] (.invoke task))
(compute [_] (.compute task)))
(defn ^FJTask task* [f]
(FJTask. (proxy [RecursiveTask] []
(compute [] (f)))))
(defmacro task [& rest]
`(task* (fn [] ~@rest)))
(defprotocol IFJPool
(shutdown [this])
(submit [this task])
(invoke [this task])
(execute [this task]))
(deftype FJPool [^ForkJoinPool fjp]
(shutdown [this] (.shutdown this))
(submit [this task]
(let [^FJTask task task]
(.submit fjp
^RecursiveTask (.task task))))
(invoke [this task]
(let [^FJTask task task]
(.invoke fjp
^RecursiveTask (.task task))))
(execute [this task]
(let [^FJTask task task]
(.execute fjp
^RecursiveTask (.task task)))))
(defn ^FJPool fjpool []
(FJPool. (ForkJoinPool.)))
;; -----------------------------------------------
;; Fib
(def pool (fjpool))
(defn fib [n]
(if (<= n 1)
(let [f1 (fork (task (fib (dec n))))]
(+ (run (task (fib (- n 2))))
(join f1)))))
(invoke pool (task (fib 10)))

Nice. Out of interest, why use proxy in task*. Is reify not an option here?


RecursiveTask must be subclassed, so I don't think reify can be used in this case.

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