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Last active Jul 12, 2016
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Simple Flask app to back the PyDX sponshorship form. (AWS Lambda.)
import json
import logging
import requests
import urlparse
import stripe
stripe.api_key = "YOURKEYHERE"
logger = logging.getLogger()
def hook(event, context):
params = urlparse.parse_qs(event['body'])
token = params['stripeToken'][0]
amount = int(round(100.0 * float(params['amount'][0])))
desc = 'PyDX Sponsorship from ' + params['name'][0]
charge = stripe.Charge.create(amount=amount, currency='usd', source=token, description=desc, receipt_email=params['email'][0])
# notify slack
notify = {'text':
'%s successfully sent sponsorship payment of $%s' % (params['name'][0],
params['amount'][0])}, data=json.dumps(notify))
return 'Your payment has been processed!\n'
except stripe.error.CardError, e:
print 'Stripe error'
print e
return 'There was an error charging your card. It might have been declined.'
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