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Created Oct 25, 2018
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33PUDB_UBM 3100400000 33PUDB_UBM_3100400000 Arts and Humanities Library fr_FR Lettres et Sciences humaines
33PUDB_UBM 3300700000 33PUDB_UBM_3300700000 Bib. aménagement et communication fr_FR IATU/ISIC (Aménagement/Communication)
33PUDB_UBM 3000100000 33PUDB_UBM_3000100000 Bibliothèque électronique fr_FR Bibliothèque électronique
33PUDB_UBM 3200300000 33PUDB_UBM_3200300000 English, German and Linguistics Library fr_FR Henri Guillemin
33PUDB_UBM 3200600000 33PUDB_UBM_3200600000 Franco-German Library fr_FR Franco-allemande
33PUDB_UBM 3300200000 33PUDB_UBM_3300200000 Geography and Maps Library fr_FR Géographie/Cartothèque
33PUDB_UBM 3100500000 33PUDB_UBM_3100500000 History and Art History Library fr_FR Histoire/Histoire de l'art
33PUDB_UBM 3400900000 33PUDB_UBM_3400900000 IUT/IJBA Documentation Centre fr_FR IUT/IJBA
33PUDB_UBM 3200100000 33PUDB_UBM_3200100000 Iberian Library fr_FR Etudes ibériques
33PUDB_UBM 3200800000 33PUDB_UBM_3200800000 LE/LEA Library fr_FR L.E./L.E.A.
33PUDB_UBM 3101000000 33PUDB_UBM_3101000000 Robert Etienne Library - Ausonius fr_FR Robert Etienne
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