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# Install boot9strap, copy files to another SD and copy luma to CTRNAND
# last changed: 20170923
# author: Some1CP
set SUCCESSMSG "Install + Copy completed successfully"
# Allow NAND writing
allow S:/firm0.bin
allow S:/firm1.bin
allow S:/sector0x96.bin
allow 1:/
# allow -a 9:/
# Look for boot9strap
set ERRORMSG "Boot9Strap file not found!"
find 0:/boot9strap/boot9stra*.firm B9S
set ERRORMSG "SHA check failed on Boot9Strap file"
sha $[B9S] $[B9S].sha
# Look for sector0x96
set ERRORMSG "sector0x96.bin not found!"
find 0:/boot9strap/sector0x9*.bin SECRET
set ERRORMSG "SHA check failed on sector0x96.bin file"
sha $[SECRET] $[SECRET].sha
# Backup FIRMs
cp -w -n S:/firm0.bin $[GM9OUT]/firm0.bak
cp -w -n S:/firm1.bin $[GM9OUT]/firm1.bak
# Inject sighax into firm0 & firm1
set ERRORMSG "Unable to inject boot9strap!\n \nRun SafeB9SInstaller after."
cp -w -n $[B9S] S:/firm0.bin
cp -w -n $[B9S] S:/firm1.bin
# Secret Sector
cp -w $[SECRET] S:/sector0x96.bin
set ERRORMSG "Copy failed"
# copy to ramdrive
cp 0:/3ds 9:/3ds
cp 0:/cias 9:/cias
cp 0:/gm9 9:/gm9
cp 0:/luma 9:/luma
# Homebrew Launcher
cp 0:/boot.3dsx 9:/hbl.3dsx
# GodMode9 Step 2 Standalone Script
cp 0:/gm9-step2.firm 9:/gm9-step2.firm
# GodMode9 Normal
cp 0:/boot.firm 9:/luma/payloads/GodMode9.firm
# Luma3DS
cp 0:/luma.firm 9:/luma.firm
# Switch SD cards
switchsd "Please switch SD cards."
# Allow SD CARD writing
# allow -a 0:/
# copy to SD
cp -w 9:/3ds 0:/3ds
cp -w 9:/3ds/FBI.3dsx 0:/boot.3dsx
cp -w 9:/cias 0:/cias
cp -w 9:/gm9 0:/gm9
cp -w 9:/luma 0:/luma
cp -w 9:/gm9-step2.firm 0:/boot.firm
cp -w 9:/hbl.3dsx 0:/hbl.3dsx
cp -w 9:/luma.firm 0:/luma.firm
# copy luma to CTRNAND
# remove existing files just in case
rm -o -s 1:/boot.firm
rm -o -s 1:/rw/luma
# copy specific files over
cp 9:/luma.firm 1:/boot.firm
mkdir 1:/rw/luma
cp 9:/luma/payloads 1:/rw/luma/payloads
cp 9:/luma/config.bin 1:/rw/luma/config.bin
# boot Luma3DS
boot 0:/luma.firm
#'s Finalizing Setup Cleanup Script Custom
# last changed: 20170923
# author: Some1CP
set SUCCESSMSG "Cleanup completed successfully"
set ERRORMSG "Cleanup failed"
# Move hbl back into place
mv -w 0:/hbl.3dsx 0:/boot.3dsx
# Replace gm9-step2 standalone script with Luma3DS
mv -w 0:/luma.firm 0:/boot.firm
# remove existing files
rm -o -s 0:/boot9strap
rm -o -s 0:/cias
rm -o -s $[GM9OUT]
# Shutdown
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