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Mappings Between Cucumber - JUNIT XML - TestRail for jenkinssco/testrail-plugin
Cucmber-jvm Project (via Jekins) JUNIT XML REPORT (in surefire-reports folder)* TestRail UI (as provided by jenkinsci/testrail-plugin)
NameSpace of TestProject class testsuite tag 'Section' (looks like a folder)
Feature testcase tag 'classname' attribute N/A
Scenario testcase tag 'name' attribute Testcase as result (ignores testcases in other 'sections)
Steps Only in failure tags Only refered to in failed result cucumber 'stacktrace'

* Differs from cucumber-junit-report.xml my the root of target dir:

  • testsuite name=cucmber.runtime.formatter.JUnitFormatter
  • each testcase has a nested system-out CDATA section that report on all step results
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systemsincode commented Jul 31, 2019

  • I just noticed testrail-plugin can upload stale results. I had moved a repo which caused my jenkins job to fail and the plugin noticed the xml was old but uploaded a job execution anyway :(

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systemsincode commented Aug 1, 2019

I'm trying to identify how to get a folder tree of features to upload to TestRail

This conversation tells me that surefire will only export a xml per test class
I can't find the surefire bug raised and mentioned in the above.

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