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highlighting Julia code with a2p(1)
# Style sheet for julia
# Ref:!topic/julia-users/tisM_9sKPCc
# Gist:
style Julia is
written by "Takeshi Nishimatsu"
version is 0.0.1
first alphabet is
second alphabet is
case sensitive
keywords in Keyword_strong are
global, for, while, if, else, elseif, break,
switch, "case", otherwise, try, catch, "end", const, immutable,
import, importall, export, type, typealias, return, true,
false, macro, quote, "in", abstract, using, continue,
ifelse, do, eval, let, finally, throw,
# built-in function
cell, collect, filter, merge, divrem, hex, dec, oct, base,
int, round, cmp, float, linspace, fill, start, done, tuple,
minimum, maximum, count, index, append, push, pop, shift,
unshift, insert, splice, reverse, sort, zip, length, delete,
copy, haskey, keys, values, get, getkey, Set, isa, issubset,
intersect, setdiff, symdiff, complement, print, printf, println,
sprintf, join, utf8, char, search, rsearch, beginswith, endswith,
replace, lowercase, uppercase, ucfirst, lcfirst,
split, rsplit, chop, chomp, lpad, rpad, lstrip, rstrip,
strip, isalnum, isalpha, isascii, isblank, iscntrl, isdigit,
isgraph, islower, isprint, ispunct, isspace, isupper, isxdigit,
match, captures, offset, offsets, matchall, eachmatch, hcat,
vcat, hvcat, reshape, deepcopy, similar, reinterpret, map,
reduce, mapreduce, DataArray, DataFrame, removeNA, replaceNA,
colnames, head, tail, describe, join, groupby, "by", stack,
readtable, readcsv, readdlm, writetable, writecsv, writedlm,
require, reload, include, evalfile, cd, open, write, close,
position, seek, seekstart, seekend, skip, isopen, eof,
isreadonly, ltoh, htol, serialize, deserialize, download,
# System interaction
run, spawn, success, process_running, process_exited, kill,
readsfrom, writesto, readsandwrite, detach, setenv, ENV, getpid,
clipboard, strftime, time, cd, gethostname, getipaddr, pwd,
mkdir, mkpath, rmdir, ignorestatus
end keywords
sequences are
# Strings
"'" Plain String "'" Plain
exceptions are
"\\'", "\\\\"
end exceptions,
# Comments
"#" Comment,
/^=begin/ Comment_strong /^=end/,
# Some declarations
(/(function|module)/ # \1. the keyword
/([[:blank:]]+)/ # \2. blanks
\1 Keyword_strong, \2 Plain) (Label_strong + Index1)
closers are
/$/ Plain,
/[ ;{]/ Plain
end closers
end sequences
end style
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