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A simple function that implements rotation by Euler angles.
import numpy as np
def euler_rot(XYZ,phi,theta,psi):
'''Returns the points XYZ rotated by the given euler angles'''
ERot = np.array([[np.cos(theta)*np.cos(psi),
-np.cos(phi)*np.sin(psi) + np.sin(phi)*np.sin(theta)*np.cos(psi),
np.sin(phi)*np.sin(psi) + np.cos(phi)*np.sin(theta)*np.cos(psi)],
np.cos(phi)*np.cos(psi) + np.sin(phi)*np.sin(theta)*np.sin(psi),
-np.sin(phi)*np.cos(psi) + np.cos(phi)*np.sin(theta)*np.sin(psi)],
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