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Created August 16, 2020 12:11
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It is an example of how to use flutterLocalnotifications to schedule a lot of notifications with isolateHandler
final IsolateHandler isolateHandler = IsolateHandler();
void scheduleNotificationsIsolate(String _reminders) async {
await new Future.delayed(new Duration(milliseconds: 500));
// ... (describe settings)
onSelectNotification: onSelectNotification,
await flutterLocalNotificationsPlugin.cancelAll();
List<dynamic> _remindersParsed = jsonDecode(_reminders);
for (// iterate over your entities to show the message) {
int generatedId = id ?? random.nextInt(1000000000);
await flutterLocalNotificationsPlugin.schedule(
payload: payload,
startScheduleNotifications(String _remindersAsString) {
name: "scheduleNotifications",
onReceive: scheduleNotificationsIsolate,
onInitialized: () => isolateHandler.send(
to: "scheduleNotifications",
void killCurrentScheduleNotifications() {
if (isolateHandler.isolates.containsKey('scheduleNotifications'))
void entryPoint(Map<String, dynamic> context) {
final messenger = HandledIsolate.initialize(context);
messenger.listen((message) {
/// At my production code i create some abstractions above flutterLocalNotifications:
/// 1 - a class called NotificationManager is the object that i use in the application it is a singleton
/// and it creates a specific provider that i initialized just once int the application. (Because Isolate its a separeted
/// context i have to initialize it them to every time i call)
/// 2- an interface called NotificationProvider and your implementation where i put the common methods
/// 3 - The specific implementations NotificationProviderIOS and NotificationProviderAndroid that extends
/// NotificationProviderImpl where i put the configs necessary to create an specific platform notification.
/// An Isolate should be a simple function created directly inside a file, declared outside of a class.
/// In other plugins that i tested i remember to declare the methodChannel used by flutterLocalNotifications.
/// This is a thing that i didn't have to do with flutter isolate.
/// the parameter passed to an isolate should be compound only by primitives. I serialize it as string to decode as JSON.
// I realized tests with a few thousands of notifications and performance was good, the phone slows down a bit.
/// A good strategie is schedule the minimun that is needed(a week, a month) an create routines in your application to schedule
/// the next ones when user hits some action.
// I hope that this content should help. If you get in trouble with this feel free to contact me by e-mail.
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Hey I just posted a question on Stack Overflow ( to which I think you could answer, would you mind sharing more code on how you managed to create scheduled notifications on a second thread with flutter_local_notification?

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