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Last active Dec 20, 2021
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CPS software


Drone software

Our drone runs ardusub - a specialization of ardupilot. Unfortunately the software is not universal and every drone model runs its own version. To install or update the CPS drone software, go to and download the latest SD image. Flash the image onto the Raspberry pi sd card using a tool like balenaEtcher. Warning, this action will override all data stored on the SD card, so backup your recordings

  • Download the Windows installer from
  • Run balenaEtcher and select the CPS image
  • Select the SD card drive
  • Finally, click Burn to write the CPSdrone image to the SD card
  • You’ll see a progress bar. Once complete, the utility will automatically unmount the SD card so it’s safe to remove it from your computer.

Insert the SD card into the raspberry pi, the first boot after flashing will take longer.

Ground control software

To control the drone, you need ground control station software compatible with the Mavlink protocol. We recommend QGroundControl due to its cross platform compatibility, get it at:

The following instructions are specific to QGroundControl, if using other control software, please follow its specific instructions.

  1. By connecting the ground station tether, turn on the drone
  2. Connect to the WiFi network CPSdrone
  3. Launch QGroundControl on your device and if using the provided controller, pair it within the app

    a. enable bluetoth

    b. click the logo in the upper left of the screen

    c. proceed to BLE Joystick settings in the middle of your screen

    d. turn on your controller

    e. scan for devices and connect to your Gamesir controller

  4. After the drone is fully turned on, it will automatically connect with your device giving you a video feed
  5. Calibrate your controller in the Joystick section of the vechicle settings
  6. You can control the drone using the controller Note, the T1d controller will disconnect and turn off after 5 minutes of inactivity.


By default, the drone records all the time it is turned on, to access your videos, go to in a browser on a device connected to the drones network and you will be provided all videos named by the time they were created.

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