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Rey finally gets her romantic moment...with Hawk!
Rey woke up to a loud banging. She blinked and looked around..nothing seemed out of the ordinary. It must be someone at the door she mused.
00:32 Rey What if it was Lok back from his journey? Her heart raced, and she hopped out of bed...but wait..he couldn't be back just yet could he? It'd only been a few days.
00:34 Rey sighed, it was probably just Rat...the halfling child always tried to sleep in her bed when he had a nightmare. She'd always politely refuse then tuck him in back in his own bed.
00:34 Lok (D'awwww what a cutie)
00:34 Rey (hang on Marm needs to potty.)
00:35 Lok (MARLEY <3)
00:40 Rey (sorry, she took forever since it's raining out here, she better have actually gone )
00:41 Lok (Oh yeah, I didn't even notice it was raining today for the longest time @_@)
00:42 Rey (I don't think she went, whatever, she's gonna have to bug me alot before I go downstairs time she'll go when I say to...)
00:42 Lok (b-b-b-but it's marley! </3)
00:42 Rey (bratty puppy, she needs to learn her lesson)
00:44 Rey She forced herself to open the door, and was surprised to find Stefan, and Wolf. The later looked like he was holding someone.
00:46 Rey Stefan started talking fast, "Hey there Sparrow sorry to wake you but it looks like we have a bit of a problem, " he gestured towards the person slung over Wolf's shoulder, "Hawk here is a real mess and we can't find Dove anywhere so we thought we should leave him with you."
00:49 Rey blinks in surprise, this wasn't exactly the last thing she was expecting, but it was certainly low on her list. "Umm can't you guys take him to the infirmary or something?"
00:51 Rey Stefan and Wolf share a look, "We'll we could, but we'd really rather there be someone to look after him when he wakes up, he drank quite alot so he's not going to be feeling well, and we're gonna be busy tonight."
00:51 Lok (wuuhhhh....? >.>)
00:51 Rey says, "He started drinking again?"
00:53 Rey "Till he passed out. It has me a little worried," Stefan says. Wolf only nods in agreement.
00:53 Rey (Wolf and Stefan hooked up behind ze scenes, they are gonna be busy tonight lol)
00:54 Lok (I THOUGHT their excuse seemed a bit weird xD)
00:54 Rey (Damnit Marm! Sigh brb)
00:54 Lok (MARLEY <3)
01:00 Rey Rey's face wrinkles with worry, "Go ahead then, put him on the bed." /I can sleep on the floor for one night/ she thinks.
01:02 Rey Wolf strides past her and plops Hawk unceremoniously on the bed, he then leaves as fast as possible followed by a grinning Stefan who shouts a "Thanks Sparrow!"
01:02 Lok (=3=)
01:03 Rey (They be thick as thieves )
01:03 Lok (Oy! I resent that statement )
01:04 Rey (come on, twas clever XD)
01:04 Lok (It was )
01:07 Rey Rey walks over to where he lays, her heart a flutter, though whether with worry or something else...she couldn't say. Weeks ago, when her heart was sure, this would have been almost a dream come true. Hawk laying there asleep in /her/ bed. But now...things were different..more complicated. Lok's smiling face flashes into her mind.
01:08 Lok (D'AWWWWWWW)
01:09 Rey She'd loved Hawk...since the day he'd saved her...for seven years now she'd loved him...and he hadn't even noticed.
01:11 Rey And in a flash Lok had dashed into her life, told her he loved her, and changed everything. Lok had been would have been so much simpler if they had just pretended he had never said those three words.
01:12 Lok (</3)
01:12 Rey But part of her reveled in the was difficult, but beautiful...
01:13 Rey It had given her a hope she'd never known.
01:13 Lok (<3)
01:15 Rey She stared down at the fitfully sleeping Hawk and tried to figure out what she felt for him now..
01:15 Rey settled on tender was the only emotion that seemed to fit at all.
01:18 Rey Hawk had curled up into a ball and was trembling in his sleep. Rey decided it would be kindest to wake him from a nightmare /that/ bad...she'd want someone to do the same for her.
01:19 Lok (d'aw so innocent, so sweet!)
01:22 Rey She was at a loss of where to touch him tough..she didn't want to make this more awkward than it already would be. She decided that grabbing and shaking his arm wouldn't be too bad.
01:22 Rey (Rey has no idea what she is doing 0_0 lolz)
01:24 Rey Hawk awoke with a start and gasped, "Ow!" He grabbed at his hurt shoulder.
01:24 Lok (Us thieves and our hurt shoulders )
01:25 Rey jumps back, "Oh I'm so sorry! I forgot you were hurt."
01:28 Rey He's rubbing where it hurts, and blinking, when he notices her, "Oh hullo Sparro'." His voice is sleepy, his speech a little slurred. "How'd I get here?"
01:29 Rey "Um Wolf and Stefan brought you in.." she says quietly.
01:32 Rey He snuggles into her pillow and smiles at her, "I had da worst dream ever! I dreamed that I asked Dove to marry me, and she got all mad, and then-...well I can't recall the rest of it."
01:32 Rey (my heart is breaking for him...)
01:32 Lok (Is this Hawk during a hangover??)
01:34 Rey (he's still a lil drunk, he wasn't passed out too long, the hangover will be in the morning) Rey struggles to keep her face neutral...something like that could have pushed Hawk to drink himself into oblivion.
01:36 Rey And they said they couldn't find Dove...oh no...Rey's facade nearly can she break this to him? Should she?
01:36 Rey (I want a vote from you Lok lol)
01:37 Rey (For reals, what should she do?)
01:38 Lok (If it were up to me, I think she should break it to him...BUT!!!)
01:39 Lok (I think Rey's too sweet to tell him the truth honestly. She's had this seven year long love for Hawk. The last thing she'd ever want to do is to be the one to break his heart...Besides, Hawk will find out one way or another >
01:39 Lok ( >: )
01:39 Lok (I think Rey should just nurse him back to sleep or something)
01:40 Rey (true but at the same time...she NEVER lies to internal conflict )
01:40 Lok (She doesn't have to /lie/...just...avoid telling the truth xD)
01:40 Lok (However, if that's the case, then yea she should just break it to him )
01:44 Rey bent down next to him, sadness filling her eyes, "Hawk...I-I don't think that was a dream..."
01:44 Lok (tugging at my heart strings here woman ...=[ )
01:46 Rey It didn't seem to sink in for a moment, "Oh you don't eh, but...but she wouldn't leave me..." He whispered that last bit and paled. Suddenly he didn't seem so sure, recollections from earlier that night were starting to become clearer.
01:47 Rey "Hawk I'm so sorry...I didn't want to tell you but-"
01:48 Rey He isn't even paying attention to her, "She left me..."
01:49 Rey "-I didn't want to lie to you..I've never lied to you."
01:50 Rey Hawk gives her a desolate look, "'re all I have left.."
01:52 Rey Tears are welling up in his eyes, as she says, "No Hawk, everyone else is still here for you."
01:53 Lok (Oh man, this is
01:53 Lok (T_T)
01:55 Rey His good hand reaches for the strand of hair that's always falling in her face, he brushes it back tenderly, "You don't're the only one I have left that I care anything about..."
01:59 Rey She doesn't know what to say to that, but, "You know I'll never leave you" falls from her lips almost automatically.
01:59 Lok (Squeeeeee)
01:59 Lok (yet, at the same time)
01:59 Lok (</3)
02:00 Rey He looks at her as though she is his last remaining tether to this world and says, "Rey, do you remember when you used to fall asleep on my chest? You were so little then.."
02:03 Rey nods, "Do you remember when I said I wanted to be just like you where I grew up?"
02:03 Rey when* dammit
02:05 Rey "Yeah," he smiles sadly, "can we be like that for one last night? Before everything changes.."
02:05 Rey
02:05 Rey (relevant )
02:05 Lok (mood music )
02:06 Rey (it won't seem to match unless you read the lyrics though lol)
02:06 Lok (reading them)
02:08 Rey hesitates, she's worried he's right...that everything will change after this...but it's Hawk..she can't leave him alone like this..."Sure, Hawk anything for you" she mutters laying her head on his chest.
02:09 Lok (*Gasp*!!!)
02:09 Rey (bad Rey...bad!!)
02:12 Rey Lying there with him doesn't feel at all like she imagined doesn't feel romantic, and doesn't feel like he loves least not in the way she used to want him to...instead it feels like he's a drowning man looking desperately for something to cling to. And in a strange way she's almost happy to be able to save him for once.
02:12 Rey -SCENE-
02:12 Lok (Bravo! Bravissimo!)
02:12 Lok (seriously...I felt chills up my spine!)
02:13 Lok (ok, time to archive this as Hawkrey romance!)
02:14 Rey (He's gonna feel so creepy and embarrassed in the morning lol XD I'm so tempted for him to think he slept with her for real and freak the fuck out!)
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